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modern manor madness!

To those of you (all five of you) who are reading and know me at all, you know that i am very
particular about who i share my spots with
{meaning my "thrift store spots"}
nor do i like to go with anyone, only because when i see something, when my eyes first come in contact with an object to my liking,
my heart races, i'm instantly shaky, and if anyone comes between me and the object she may or may not get pulled back by her ponytail
and/or catch an elbow to the face to throw her off course ;)
my route....my first dibs.
so, because i would have no friends left if this were to happen...
i thrift alone :)

i'm only half way kidding...friends

with that being said.
while browsing through craigslist, i stumbled across this aaaawwwwsome store.
i literally....found my mouth starting to water.

i love all of their stuff!
but it may be a bit pricy for me.
since i'm kind of broke, i will just web browse and dream for now.
and that is why i'm sharing with you.
i can't go. so you should.
aren't i so nice?

here is their blog
here is their website

have a good night!

*buffalo gal*

p.s. could the owners be any cuter! how annoying ;}

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