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fort fit for kids...

so summer is coming...uggg

and living in AZ, summer is my least favorite time of year.

spring is wonderful, but so hard to enjoy when you feel the heat rays looming around the corner.

{read here about our AZ's summers}

this year when it rears it's ugly head, i will have a new born baby, and three other kids

running around, off for summer break, asking me "what we are doing today?!"

everyday...for 2 1/2 months.....

in times like these us mothers need ideas, and lots of indoor activities to keep

the little turds busy ;}

here is a pretty sweet little fort tutorial to do for your kids.

bring them some popcorn and books

{or a portable dvd player ;}

and they will be set for hours. especially in this little fortress!

i kind of want to build one for myself and put a "keep out" sign on it ;}


*buffalo gal*

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Kelly said...

I was just thinking of going to IKEA to buy a fort for my little Turds! :)

They love building forts. And it keeps them busy for hours!