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not so GOODwill!

so this may sound a little silly for those of you who don't have a passion

for thrift store shopping, but for us who do, listen up.

it is time to boycott GOODWILL!

they officially suck.

hear me out...

i told myself once upon a time that i would no longer shop there because of their

over priced {and that is an understatement!} items,

that remember folks,

is DONATED to them which, means their inventory

is FREE!

last year alone we donated hundreds of $'s worth of tax donations

{just like many of you probably did}

and they take those free, dirty, broken, falling apart, used, smelly, items

and slap a $10 sticker on, let's say a dress,

that i'm sorry but you can get a brand new dress for the same price at old navy!

or a $300!! price tag on a table that is falling apart

{that is not even cute or vintage}

when you could drive down to ikea and get one for $150 NEW.

a couple weeks ago my husband drove down a trailer full of stuff to donate.

we don't own a trailer, so we borrowed one, along with a vehicle that would tow it...

when he got to freakin goodwill, they tried to say that

"they might not take some of the stuff."

{ummmmm are you kidding me! your not gunna "take it" we are donating it, and you make

$ off of it! since when are they allowed to say no?! it was a perfectly good item, i might add}

anyways, my husband didn't take "no" for an answer, and unloaded the items.

as he was pulling through the "drop off zone" he ran over a chair arm with a giant bolt sticking out of it, which punctured the tire on our borrowed vehicle!

{there was crap all over the "drop off zone"}

since they don't have proper policies for vehicle damage on their property,

it took another 30 minutes to round up A sheet of paper, to report it on

{which was a total joke}

not to mention every employee there was rude, and unhelpful including the manager...

it was a very frustrating trip to say the least!


{i should have known better}

i went into a goodwill in the part of town that i was in

{20 miles round trip for me}

and found something i wanted....i went home, and told my husband, who then drove back

to get it.

{another 20 miles round trip}

when he got there, it didn't fit in our car. so today he borrowed a truck from a friend

{less then 24 hours later, and another 20 miles round trip}

drove down there to get the already PAID for item that was on hold.

to his surprise {and all of the employees in the back..} it was GONE!

no where to be found!!!!

at this point, my husband was furious,with good reason.

"ummm, gosh...it must have been picked up by recycling last night"

said one worker.

why was it sitting outside, when it was supposed to be inside on hold, you ask?

we don't know.

"we have a no 'cash back policy' if you don't have the card you purchased the item with you

when your returning something"

said the worker.

ummmmm what about if it was THROWN AWAY!!??

my husband didn't think he needed the card, because he wasn't returning anything!

{oh noooowwww they have policies, huh.}

GOODWILL officially SUCKS!

we. will. never. ever. go. there. again.

{my husband got the cash back}

there are plenty of other charity centers that actually give back,

and don't take advantage of the

donation system, to shop at.

*buffalo gal*

p.s. tell me about your horrible goodwill experience...come on! i know you have one ;}

p.p.s. "goodwill, i hope your reading!"


Christallion said...

Yikes...advice noted.

Buffalo Gal said...

hee hee...seriously tho, you better not go there!

shelby said...

my mom shops at goodwill like every week, and all the time they sort through their donations and don't accept certain things...weird. do you guys have d.i.?

Buffalo Gal said...

yes we have D.I.! i love it! but it's far :-/ but from now on i will make more of an effort to go there...

Kelly said...

I HAVE never been to DI.. And im Mormon.. LOL! Is it good? I know when my parents got divorced, my mom donated all her LV hand bags and luggage sets that my dad bought her to DI!!! What was she thinking?

Buffalo Gal said...

yikes! did she forget she had a daughter!??? lol! i would die if my mom did that... :-/

Melissa said...

Goodwill is run (or used to be) by the Salvation Army. It is one of the few places that will hire people that alot of other places will not; that could be why most of their staff was discourteous. I'm also going to make the assumption that alot of these same people are pricing the store items. Hhhhmmm?? Does that make sense? I'm not defending them just thought you might like the info. I find that as "vintage" and "antique" are trendy and fashionable right now it's also become popular to use those words to price gouge. I go to neighboring towns to non-franchise thrift stores and have better luck!! I'm with you on boycotting Goodwill!

Buffalo Gal said...

melissa, thanks for the info ;} i too have been going to the little church run/ local thrift stores. i have had a waaay better experience at those...also i love that a lot of those ones have sweet little old volunteers ;} and that the $ actually does go back to the local charities/churches. PLUS they actually take care of their "merchandise" {if you will} it's displayed better {rather than thrown out on the floor in pieces a.k.a goodwill} and clean and organized. now i'm rambling...but thanks again for your support lol! continue to "boycot" ;}

emily said...

My sisters and I have been talking about this for YEARS... The pricing is ABSURD. I understand this company helps others, but it's just ridiculous. Love the post.