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bare bones

can you believe this is my couch!?

{couch before hole, here}

it doesn't look very cool anymore...

so this is called "stripping" the furniture.

{which, btw is really hard to do 6 months pregnant}

this part is kind of scary, because it's hard to believe that you can make it look cute again!

but so fun when it's starts to transform into your very own

one of a kind

piece of furniture.

{fingers crossed that i finish in time....i get to make 120+ buttons....fuuun ;}


*buffalo gal*


Christallion said...

Wow! Good luck doing that as you get more and more prego. I get to see you and your kids in a little more than a week :D

ben+alex said...

this is amazing! you are so brave for taking this project on but i am positive it will look beautiful!

loving your blog.
new follower.


Buffalo Gal said...

chris! i can't wait!
and to alex, thanks for reading ;} i love new followers!