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couch update

slowly but surely the couch is getting finished.

so far i fixed the springs, re-tied them all, and replaced all of the foam and burlap.

{again, all super fun to do with a huge belly in the way}

the best part was when i climbed up onto the couch, which was on the risers,

to stuff the foam and burlap through the springs and wood frame....my friend

actually ran over because she thought the couch was going to come falling down ;}

i'm sure i looked crazy.

i have realized through all of this that you really need lots of upper arm strength

{which i do not have}

it's freakin hard...but fun.

feel free to ask any ?'s if you decide to tackle your own couch!

i can help as much as i know how ;}


*buffalo gal*


Erica said...

I can't wait to see it when it is done! You should feel very accomplished and proud of it when you are done!! And you can tell your little one that they helped you ;)

Kelly said...

SO cool!! Are there any shows coming up soon? Let me know.

emily said...

Hey you gorgeous buffalo gal, that I never see, Where do you go to do this? I mean is it a class I can take here? I.MUST.KNOW. ;D thx Hope you are healthy !