"i'm a picker,i'm a grinner,i'm a lover and i'm a sinner,i play my music in the sun..."



"oh...you'll laugh about this later!"

well, i stepped away for 5 minutes to use the
"ladies room"
and came out to see ryder
(my oldest)
chuck a pair of craft scissors behind the chair.
i (of course) could tell by the look on his face,
(and the quick chuck of the scissors)
that he did something terribly wrong!
me: "ryyyyyyder, what are you doing!"
ryder: "ummm, well travis had his goo in his hair, so i cut it out"
me: i walked to travis (in slow motion, it seemed) slowly starting to yell
"noooooooooooooo!!!! RYDER!"
ryder had reshaped travis's awesome, long, blond, "surfer hair" into
a crazy Mullet!
i was mad.
i was really mad.
ryder went to his room...
and travis came out to the salon with me.
and i, with tears in my eyes,
buzzed off alllllllll of his hair.
(he looks really cute still, of course ;)
today was one of those day's that i will
"laugh about later"
(i'm not laughing now....)
until tomorrow folks!
*buffalo gal*


girls night out...

i can clearly remember the days with my first born (ryder), holding his little body in my arms gazing at him alllll day long, while he slept
(seriously. i did this...like most first time moms often do...and i had my share of stiff necks to prove it)
and i thought to myself,
self: "how could i ever get mad at you? you are too sweet and cute, and innocent......"

that was 6 years ago, and two more kids later.
let me ask you a question.
you know how on cartoons, when a character gets so upset
(i like to reference donald duck a lot, because if i were a cartoon character, i'mmmmm pretty sure i would be him...in a girl version)
and there face fills up with hot, molten, fire and steam starts whistling out of there ears.
or when they tail spin into a frenzy and bolt right through the wall
only to leave a perfect hole in the shape of there body
(arms flailed out to the sides)

that's how i feel...often...today being one of them.
is it just me?
or are ya with me?
(maybe i don't want to know the answer to that ;)
well i know at least one person is with me,
my sweet sister, of three kids, also.
when i talked to her earlier today she literally took the words right out of my mouth.
sister: "hey, what are you doing"
me: "(sighhhhh) well. i'm going crazy"
sister: "me toooo! i just want to blow myself to the moon"
me: "thank goodness, it's not JUST me!"
we laughed for a bit about what our kids did today, that was so
extremely irritating.
she got a kick out of the fact that i actually grounded my two boys from the couch
(my awesome, beautiful, tufted couch (here), is on it's last leg. sadness...)
just those four minutes of validation, and confirmation,
that i'm not the only one with those feelings of running through my wall, or blowing myself to the moon,
nor am i the only one with horrible children,
(not really, but sometimes it feels that way...ok a lot ;)
was all i needed to hear to get me in better spirits.
thank heavens for sisters who keep it real!
(luff you)

tomorrow can not come any sooner!
a few of us girls are going to have a girls night out, overnight!
i sense more stories of validation,
lots of laughing,
and most importantly
no screaming kids!

p.s. all you mom's out there...keep it real with your friends/sisters ;)

*buffalo gal*


forget me not...

i managed to escape this heat for a while with my little family,
but all good things must come to an end...
we're home.
don't get me wrong being home is a good thing, i just wish "home" wasn't greeting us with it's 118 degree weather.
after spending an entire month in California,
(photos and video to come, fingers crossed)
which we have nicknamed "heaven" on earth,
we decided to face reality,
you know,
stuff like that.
we had fun.
we had lots of adventures.
broken arms, floods, bears, beach, nature, good friends, family, and i even ran into this
metal buffalo statue on the side of the road...
(of course i had to take a picture with it)
so i've been gone,
but hopefully not forgotten.
and as soon as i can, i will be back.
*buffalo gal*