"i'm a picker,i'm a grinner,i'm a lover and i'm a sinner,i play my music in the sun..."



modern manor madness!

To those of you (all five of you) who are reading and know me at all, you know that i am very
particular about who i share my spots with
{meaning my "thrift store spots"}
nor do i like to go with anyone, only because when i see something, when my eyes first come in contact with an object to my liking,
my heart races, i'm instantly shaky, and if anyone comes between me and the object she may or may not get pulled back by her ponytail
and/or catch an elbow to the face to throw her off course ;)
my route....my first dibs.
so, because i would have no friends left if this were to happen...
i thrift alone :)

i'm only half way kidding...friends

with that being said.
while browsing through craigslist, i stumbled across this aaaawwwwsome store.
i literally....found my mouth starting to water.

i love all of their stuff!
but it may be a bit pricy for me.
since i'm kind of broke, i will just web browse and dream for now.
and that is why i'm sharing with you.
i can't go. so you should.
aren't i so nice?

here is their blog
here is their website

have a good night!

*buffalo gal*

p.s. could the owners be any cuter! how annoying ;}



i love it when a hair style
(that i unintentionally have, due to the lack of time, and my growing laziness when it comes to the maintenance of my hair)
starts to become trendy.
now if only
*rats nests
*3 day old pony tails
*and split ends
would only become trendy!

*buffalo gal*


grease be gone!

don't let this happen to you
{don't be the girl who people think"is her hair wet, or greasy"}
it's a fact that your hair will be happier if you don't wash it every day.
the natural oils your hair gets from your scalp, keep it shiny and healthy.
although for some people, it's not always easy to get away with the luxury of not washing it every day.
you complain that your hair "just gets greasy so fast!"
and i still can't believe when i get a client that doesn't know the solution to the problem.

hair powder
otherwise known as "dry shampoo"
has been around since the beginning of time ladies! how do we all not know this already?
{okay, maybe not the beginning of time...but for a looong time}
and why/how does Brittany not know?

thanks to our ancestors, who used flours and fine grains to sprinkle into their hair,
we have perfected our little beauty secret, and mainstreamed it into some of our top product lines. bumble and bumble's is amazing because it comes tinted to match your color,
and has a nice scent to it.
of course now we have to pay a pretty penny for it.
gone are the days when you could sprinkle a little flour in your hair while baking some cookies
{well you could i guess}
but if your penny is pinched, like most people these days, and sprinkling flour in your hair
makes you feel like a peasant,
then you can do what i do and grab some baby powder!
sprinkle it in the palm of your hands and run it through the roots of your hair.
it not only takes the grease away, but adds a little volume.

now, don't get carried away ladies.
i know this can be exciting and i know what your thinking
"dry shampoo! now i can go weeks without washing!"
but don't let the "shampoo" part fool you...although it will mask the grease, and kill the odor
{i know, sick word, but true}
a good scrub with some good ol' fashioned soap and water is a must!
in fact if you do try to sneak by a week or so, use a good clarifying shampoo to give it a fresh start.

now this is not for everyone.
if you are an avid gym goer, your hair probably gets more than enough "natural oils"
so you will want to wash your hair.
or if your simply disgusted by that fact that we are even discussing this topic,
than you too may just want to stick with washing your hair everyday.

but just remember, if you do choose to try this
{if you already haven't}
as a rule of thumb
if you turn your head really fast, and you get a whiff of scalp mixed with powder...
it's time to wash it.
the real way.

the end
{sheesh that was long}



pre-bump, baby lump

is this for real!?

i hate that stage in pregnancy when your "showing" but not really "showing" and most people who don't know your pregnant may just think you've gained a little pooch from the holidays. or even better, when they do know your pregnant and say "aww i see the pooch!" and then rub it...!

ok....first of all, no pregnant woman wants to hear the word "pooch" nor do they want you to rub their pre-mature, bump, flab, that technically isn't "baby" yet since it's the size of a walnut!

and there is no "second of all"
that pretty much summed it up.

i do love being pregnant though. i love feeling the baby kick and punch inside my tummy. and i love having a good excuse for love handles. but mostly i love to eat, and i'm not the type to "eat for two" {because i do that anyways} but i will have an extra piece of fudge...or two...or three.

also, it is my fourth. so for now i will love my lump, because it will be
my last.




well, i could pretty much cut and paste my new years resolution from last year for this year, since everything {give or take a few} never happened.
i did however start to run...then i got pregnant.
and yes, i know you can still run when you are pregnant, but my body is just not built that way.
i did take up upholstery, and i love it!
everything else...was a no go. but i will give it another try this year {years go by really fast when your older}
also i've decided to try and "revamp" my blog, and get back on track with my hair tips...and other stuff.