"i'm a picker,i'm a grinner,i'm a lover and i'm a sinner,i play my music in the sun..."



pre-bump, baby lump

is this for real!?

i hate that stage in pregnancy when your "showing" but not really "showing" and most people who don't know your pregnant may just think you've gained a little pooch from the holidays. or even better, when they do know your pregnant and say "aww i see the pooch!" and then rub it...!

ok....first of all, no pregnant woman wants to hear the word "pooch" nor do they want you to rub their pre-mature, bump, flab, that technically isn't "baby" yet since it's the size of a walnut!

and there is no "second of all"
that pretty much summed it up.

i do love being pregnant though. i love feeling the baby kick and punch inside my tummy. and i love having a good excuse for love handles. but mostly i love to eat, and i'm not the type to "eat for two" {because i do that anyways} but i will have an extra piece of fudge...or two...or three.

also, it is my fourth. so for now i will love my lump, because it will be
my last.




teamBoo said...

That is sickening. I think u look cute pregnant...and I'm glad it's not me ;) love your new blog header. Did u make it yourself?

Buffalo Gal said...

thanks sis! your my #1 fan ;){for my blog efforts and my pregnancy confidence} yes i did make it, as we discussed...but i'm sure once my blogging skills get better i will look back and think how nerdy it is, and won't believe that i actually used it. oh well...it's like reading back on a nerdy journal entry...you kind of think "was i that nerdy?!" luckily in a journal no one has to see it! i'm rambling...love u!