"i'm a picker,i'm a grinner,i'm a lover and i'm a sinner,i play my music in the sun..."



20 down 20 to go

and marlee's "baby" *}

i'm half way done.
it's so bitter sweet.
"sweet" because of the obvious reasons,
the sweet baby kick in my belly for the last time,
hearing the super fast heartbeat,
thinking of names and getting excited about not finding out what we are having
{first time}
the fact that it's my last baby,
last stay in the hospital
{which i actually do love, i love the quiiiet time alone, the food, the room service/nurses ;}
and of course all of the chivalry,
people offering there seat when there aren't any left, holding the door open...
chivalry is dead, that never happens
{well to me anyways}
and that leads me to the "bitter"
i will be glad to be rid of the 4 zits that have been camping out on my chin since day 1,
the stretch marks to come
{which i did not get with my first pregnancy for all those who think they are in the clear ;}
the "you look like your about to pop!" comment when you have 2 months left to go
eating for two, which i am sorry to say is really not an excuse,
us women would loooove to think so, but you really shouldn't eat more than a couple hundred
calories more than usual...bummer
with that being said, today i ate
a 20 oz. jar of tapioca pudding,
1 egg salad sandwich,
2 homemade waffles
{with butter, syrup, and powdered sugar}
6 hot wing chicken wings,
3 suckers
4 dove chocolates
{oh wait...i'm getting sidetracked}
which reminds me!
the memory loss...won't miss that...what...what?
the swollen feet, the heartburn, and yet to come the feeling that i have been
riding a horse for a week straight...
now that i have terrified any one who hasn't had kids yet...
{it truly is wonderful ;}
wish me luck on my second half!
*bufflao gal*


"love it will never betray you...it will set you free"

i just have to give another shout out to this band.
they are awesome.
first off:
*how many bands do you know that can make all of those instruments look that cool!?
*how hot are their voices...?
*and i'm pretty sure the keyboarder is beating the base drum at the same time...
this song gives me goosebumps every time i hear it.
although very cool...the video does not do it justice!
you have to get the cd and turn it up...very loud!

{mumford and sons-sigh no more}

{i love how the Cello player looks like he is yelling really loud on the quiet part}
*buffalo gal*


dog days are over....

another reason why me and my sister's are meant to be ;}
we like the same weird music...
i love this song...and so does she {steph} apparently
luv it.
{Florence + The Machine - Dog Days Are Over (2010 Version)}
{marlee would be terrified of this video}
buffalo gal
{and sista!}


i love you because...


i love you because,

*you still write me love notes

*you tell me i'm beautiful and kiss me every morning

{bed head, morning breath and all ;}

*you pray for our family every night

*you always put me first

*you have the most handsome, refreshing smile

*you don't mind 'honey do' lists

*you always give me good advise

*you love to thrift store shop just as much as me

*you skateboard, play baseball, dollhouse, thomas the train, army guys,

play music, swim, ride bikes, play soccer, read books, paint, build things,

sing, go on flashlight walks, camp out in the back yard,

pray, do homework, with

our children...

and so so much more!
*you gave me 3 beautiful children and one more to come
{well technically i gave them to you ;}

*you go on late night in-n-out burger runs for me, and never complain

*you always read my mind

*your tall

*you clean without me asking

{alllll the time ;}

*your are an awesome cook

*you write me love songs

*you call me "mamma"

*you trim my hair

*you finish my unfinished projects

*your honest

*your loyal

*you make me feel beautiful, even at my worst

*you hold my hand, in the car, on the couch, at the movies, when we walk,

across the table, while we pray, even at the store.

{i'm not kidding...and i love it}

*you encourage me

*you are always the first to help

*you never get mad at me ;}

*and i know how much you love me!

i could go on and on,

but i think you get what i'm sayin

i love you because, you are all of those things and so much more.

you are the most amazing husband and father.

"god only knows what i'd be without you"

happy valentines day Hans.


*your "beautiful, wonderful wife"*


eye candy

to all my eclectic friends who aren't afraid to funk-tify their homes,
and build your nest around your own personal style.

decorating your house is like picking out an outfit...
you can either buy straight off the manikin, and go out wearing the same thing as the girl sitting next to you,
or you can buy what you like, pull old and new together
and create a unique outfit, that you know no one else will be wearing.
{my sister found this awesome website}

{click on title}


happy birthday tooooooo meeeee!

i'm 31.
not the most exciting birthday in the world.
not to mention, it happened to land on super bowl sunday...
and my husband had to work...
i'm not too bummed, because again, i'm 31.
{not much to celebrate}
my husband did make up for the fact that he would be working on my actual
birthday though.
yesterday he made me breakfast in bed,
then we rushed off to sun city
{and hour drive}
to snatch up an amazing headboard, that i have been dreaming of for months!
i say "snatched" because,
a. only $75
b. i called and the guy told me someone else was coming to see it,
so i pouted and pouted enough that my husband
snuck out, called him back, and convinced him to sell it to us
instead because it was my birthday,
and i HAD to have it ;}
so after my yummy breakfast, off we went to get my dream bed
{pictures to come}
i opened my gifts in the car
*3 decor magazines to choose subscriptions to
{i will subscribe to all 3: dwell, elle decor, & habitus}
{sooooo good}
*and thrift store shopping till my hearts content!
i found a lot or RAD stuff
{pictures to come ;}
my husband then cleaned the house,
and cooked me a delicious clam fettuccine dish,
it was a wonderful "pre-birthday" birthday.
hans had hoped i got everything i wanted on my birthday,
but honestly
i already had it...
{here comes the cheesy part}
i am so blessed with my wonderful, sweet, smart, funny, children
and another little person on the way.
i have a beautiful home,
an awesome neighborhood,
i live right next door to my sisters!!
a wonderful family that's loyal, and so thoughtful,
i have amazing friends, who i love so much,
and last but absolutely not least
i have the BEST, most handsome, helpful, funny, talented, kind hearted,
hard working, loving, affectionate, sweet, amazing
husband in the world
{i'm sure we all feel that way about our honey's}
but mine....is seriously,
the best ;}
{and as i type all three of my kids are piled on the chair i'm sitting on, massaging my back ;}
*buffalo gal*


finished product

i got this chair, actually i got two of them, for $50 last year
and i finally took up that upholstery class i have been talking about taking
for the last 7 years.
so far i have completed one of them
and the second one is almost done.
here is the finished product:

so for $25 a chair
and $30 in fabric per chair
$55 per chair!
{the class was $225, but soooo worth it}
next project is my beautiful tufted couch that my kids destroyed...

*buffalo gal*