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finished product

i got this chair, actually i got two of them, for $50 last year
and i finally took up that upholstery class i have been talking about taking
for the last 7 years.
so far i have completed one of them
and the second one is almost done.
here is the finished product:

so for $25 a chair
and $30 in fabric per chair
$55 per chair!
{the class was $225, but soooo worth it}
next project is my beautiful tufted couch that my kids destroyed...

*buffalo gal*


Swirls of Happy said...

Love this Lisa!!!! I am impressed, looks awesome :)

Erica said...

That looks amazing! The cost of the class was well worth it! Now your furniture options are endless!!

The Read Family said...

Beautiful, the structure of the chair is gorg! Do you mind me asking where you took your upholstery class?

teamBoo said...

what!!! you totally downplayed how awesome it is :)

kathy said...

The chair is beautiful! You should see how much we paid for a chair for our bedroom and it isn't half as nice as yours.

Erica said...

I just awarded you with the Stylish Blogger Award!!! You can go to my blog for the details!!

Buffalo Gal said...

to "the read family",
i take the class at EVIT in mesa, but they just doubled the tuition, so i will have to find another one somewhere else...too expensive :(