"i'm a picker,i'm a grinner,i'm a lover and i'm a sinner,i play my music in the sun..."



eye candy

to all my eclectic friends who aren't afraid to funk-tify their homes,
and build your nest around your own personal style.

decorating your house is like picking out an outfit...
you can either buy straight off the manikin, and go out wearing the same thing as the girl sitting next to you,
or you can buy what you like, pull old and new together
and create a unique outfit, that you know no one else will be wearing.
{my sister found this awesome website}

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Kelly said...

I Just stumbled across your cute blog! I love your fun style, and great tips.
Im so curious as to what goodwills you go too, and there 50% off sales.
I have been desperate to spruce up my home and the decor.. and would love to do it with our spending to much$$.. Im sick of the darks and browns that i have. And would love a more beachy vintage shabby look. :)
Your blog has inspired me.
And I feel like I have seen you before...Maybe @ the coffe shop or joes farm house? Small world. And my husband's name is Travis and I have 3 sons.. One's name is Ryker.. I think you have a travis and a Ryder. But maybe i read wrong? funny.
Please share some info on some great good wills, and maybe some other fun stores.

Hans said...


that's so funny! i was just telling my husband about what you said, and he thinks we met you guys at the coffee shop! we go down there all the time ;} what is the name of your blog?
i have lots of tips for decorating, especially taking what you already have and painting it of recovering it to save money. the tip to thrift store shopping is to go often. i don't always find things, but i go so often that i eventually end up finding something cool! also if it catches your eye and it's affordable, buy it! i have passed up things that i loved and i {for what ever reason} don't buy it, and i end up thinking about it for months, with regret ;}
hey maybe we can even get some coffee at the coffee shop and talk more about it ;} LOL!


Buffalo Gal said...

ok....that last post from "Hans" was from me! ha!!! i guess my husband was logged into my computer, hee hee

Kelly said...

Yes!! I think your hubby is right! It was a long time ago @ the coffe shop for breakfast. And I think I also saw you @ Einstiens too. Small samll world. My blog is private.. So you have to email me or give me your email and I will invite you. Its just a simple fam journal, not a awesome blog like yours. :)
And i do what you do, I always pass up awesome finds cause I have such a hard time spending money on some things. I dont know why?? Like last week i found some cute chairs @ tjmax.. and now i keep thinking of them.
Thanks for the tips.. I just need to pick one room and start from there, and yes paint makes a HUGE difference! And its a cheap fix.