"i'm a picker,i'm a grinner,i'm a lover and i'm a sinner,i play my music in the sun..."



round 3...

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so today's run i went solo.
i have to admit i was a little nervous.
i had no one to keep me going,
or let down....
and now that i know i can run 2 miles, there is no giving up...
so i scarfed down 3 salt water taffy's
put on my running clothes,
and off i went.

i put songs in my shuffle that will keep me motivated,
for example,
"big and chunky"
and i don't know if my shuffle is jacked up or if it's the "universes" way of
pushing me along??
but "big and chunky" played 3 times....!
{what's up with that...universe?}
it must have worked cause i ran 2.5 miles!!
non stop,
with cramps,
{probably those damn taffy's}
and i had to pee as soon as i started!
{maybe that's why i didn't stop...}

what also keeps me going,
is our yearly beach house, summer trip to capitola.
we have been going now for 15 years
and the last 6 i have been pregnant
or just had a baby.
so this year i will be laying out on the beach.
so when i start to feel like i want to give up, i repeat in my head,
"capitola, capitola, capitola"
{that seems to help also ;}

*buffalo gal*


"super woman runner" {wink wink}...

{she looks just like janet jackson...}

for those of you that know me, i am not really a
maybe it's because,
running after my kids {about 5 houses down} makes me winded...
or maybe it's because,
when i do try to "run",
the feeling of throwing up, and being stabbed in my side,
are sooo overwhelming
that i have to stop about 3 minutes into it...
or maybe it's because,
my friends are so shocked at my beet red face,
that they actually, really think i have a horrible sunburn...
{gasps and all ;}
or maybe it's because,
my brother-in-law,
actually laughs out loud when he sees me run,
and pleads with me to tell him my rout so he can take pictures.
{to get a good laugh later}

ya ya ya.
i am not athletic,

with that said.
i went running for the "real" first time,
last week.
yes i had the stabbing cramp,
yes i felt like throwing up,
{but tried sooo hard not to in front of my cute, marathon running friend,
who hadn't even broke a sweat yet, and kept asking me in her calm, un tired,
voice, "are you doing ok?"}
and when i finally finished!
{just short of a mile...}
i wanted to DIE!
{annnnd my neighbor gasped and asked "oh my gosh sweetie, did you get burned??!!"}
just lisa.
the out of shape weak sac, with the beet red face!
and the next day,
i felt like and 80 year old woman...
{the whole day...and the next day...}

i went again.
we started running...
{bypassing my "frisbee golf" playing neighbor's, who would have gotten a kick out of seeing
my uncoordinated, red faced self trying to run...}
and we ran
and ran
{no stabbing cramps}
and ran!
and i ran 2 miles!!
{i know...you were expecting me to say like, "5" or something...}
and today i only felt like a 50 year old woman...
not bad.

soon i will be a
"super woman running fool"

*buffalo gal*


organic momma...

i love cute packaging

and i love organic, cute, packaging.

and with all of my thrift store shopping,

i am always carrying around hand wipes in my purse

to swipe down the shopping cart

bribe toys

bathroom door knob

sink faucet

my kids hands

my hands


today i picked these up at tj-max for $3 per pk.

they are organic

they smell so good

and they are biodegradable!

they have tons more products

{check them out here}

*buffalo gal*


"why the buffalo", you ask?...

so we all have a symbol from our childhood
that brings back memories,
or reminds us of someone special.
my grandma virigina was very special to me, and my siblings...
i can remember when we were little,
all cuddled up on her couch watching,
sound of music,
the king and i,
mighty mouse,
meet me in st. louis,
{and so many more musicals etc.}
and sharing her big, soft, cozy,
buffalo blanket...
she also had a few other random buffalo items around the house,
{blame it on the seventies}
but the blanket was the one thing
we cherished the most.
so when she passed away, i came across her buffalo necklace,
which i was so lucky to get.
it felt appropriate to use that symbol to create a place
for me to be creative, and to be myself,
since my grandma virginia had always encouraged me/us to be just that.
she was always teaching us how to:
to be artistic
and so much more!
{and that is not to say that i am good at any of that now...especially the singing part ;}
the buffalo will forever remind me of her,
and to always try to learn, and be creative, work hard, and to laugh.
{as cheesy as all of that sounds}

so friends!
that explains
"the buffalo"

*buffalo gal*


birthday challenge!

i just had a birthday
{as you all know}
and i just want to honestly, honestly say,
bad economy = awesome gifts!
and i am not joking!
there isn't anything i love more, than a gift that has thought in it.
and 99% of the time
it's gunna cost you less money.
i received so many wonderful gifts for my birthday from my sweet friends
and family, but since i couldn't take pictures of some of them,
here are a few that i could.
*my two new favorite home decor books!
{thanks to my mother-in-law and sweet friend amy ;}
*my awesome milk glass!!!
{from my wonderful husband!}
*and a new "old" book for my vintage book collection!
{carly....your awesome! and a much better person than me...you know what i mean! ;}
click picture to see

so with all of that being said...
i am giving you my,
"birthday challenge"
here are the rules:
1. you have to get a gift for someone under $10
{preferably from a thrift store...you will score more points with me ;}
2. it has to be thoughtful and meaningful to that person
{examples above}
3. it doesn't have to be for a birthday, it can just be a random act of kindness ;}
4. then write to me and tell me why you got "such in such" for "so in so"
and how it made them feel.
{please include detailed description of there reaction, i am a "reaction" giver ;}
5. include a picture of it with your e-mail to me.
6. lastly, see that side bar to the right?...see where it say's "followers"?
add yourself.
{i would like to see who's reading ;}
*of course if your already there, no need to worry ;}
what do you get?
{well, technically you shouldn't "give" anything, to "get" something...}
i will be picking a winner,
it will be something vintage and awesome
{most likely under $10 ;}
from my own personal vintage collection!
it's a win win. you make someone happy, and you feel happy.
and even if you don't get picked, you will still feel good about your
kind, inexpensive gesture ;}
i will give you....
a month.
now go!
p.s. i will read each individual e-mail {none of this "picking at random" crap ;}
*buffalo gal*
e-mail me:


i'm back....!

i'm back.
so sorry about the long break.
{hopefully you all didn't give up on me and stop visiting...}

sooo much has happened,
but i will keep it short.
to start.
*i got this awesome buffalo statue from none other than
my dear sweet friend
{look here and here to see the other stuff she picked up for me.}
you can't have her she's mine! seriously though...she is the best!
*i went to california for my birthday
*i turned 30!!!
*i finally got my hair done!
{yes, i am a hairdresser, and i still wait to get it done in cali...}
*and i'm thinking about becoming a runner
{that is a big deal for me...i can't run to save my life}
but these love handles are not gunna melt off on there own...
this will be #1 on my,
"list of 30 things i am gunna do in my first year of being 30"
{did that make sense??}
i will think of more, and keep you posted.
but for now...
but i will go with cassidy, that should keep me motivated
{poor cassidy...she will be very disappointed in me}

*buffalo gal*

i'm 30!