"i'm a picker,i'm a grinner,i'm a lover and i'm a sinner,i play my music in the sun..."



i'm back....!

i'm back.
so sorry about the long break.
{hopefully you all didn't give up on me and stop visiting...}

sooo much has happened,
but i will keep it short.
to start.
*i got this awesome buffalo statue from none other than
my dear sweet friend
{look here and here to see the other stuff she picked up for me.}
you can't have her she's mine! seriously though...she is the best!
*i went to california for my birthday
*i turned 30!!!
*i finally got my hair done!
{yes, i am a hairdresser, and i still wait to get it done in cali...}
*and i'm thinking about becoming a runner
{that is a big deal for me...i can't run to save my life}
but these love handles are not gunna melt off on there own...
this will be #1 on my,
"list of 30 things i am gunna do in my first year of being 30"
{did that make sense??}
i will think of more, and keep you posted.
but for now...
but i will go with cassidy, that should keep me motivated
{poor cassidy...she will be very disappointed in me}

*buffalo gal*

i'm 30!


shelby said...

did vida do your hair? i'm going to california this weekend!

Buffalo Gal said...

shelby! thanks for the birthday email ;} yes she did. i luv it! you should go get yours done! have fun watching grandma ;}

Carolyn said...

Kiiick, stretch, annnd KICK!

30 years old.