"i'm a picker,i'm a grinner,i'm a lover and i'm a sinner,i play my music in the sun..."



round 3...

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so today's run i went solo.
i have to admit i was a little nervous.
i had no one to keep me going,
or let down....
and now that i know i can run 2 miles, there is no giving up...
so i scarfed down 3 salt water taffy's
put on my running clothes,
and off i went.

i put songs in my shuffle that will keep me motivated,
for example,
"big and chunky"
and i don't know if my shuffle is jacked up or if it's the "universes" way of
pushing me along??
but "big and chunky" played 3 times....!
{what's up with that...universe?}
it must have worked cause i ran 2.5 miles!!
non stop,
with cramps,
{probably those damn taffy's}
and i had to pee as soon as i started!
{maybe that's why i didn't stop...}

what also keeps me going,
is our yearly beach house, summer trip to capitola.
we have been going now for 15 years
and the last 6 i have been pregnant
or just had a baby.
so this year i will be laying out on the beach.
so when i start to feel like i want to give up, i repeat in my head,
"capitola, capitola, capitola"
{that seems to help also ;}

*buffalo gal*


Anonymous said...

i cant wait lol and i use the same thing with i go to the gym...it makes everything worth it!! i am gunna make it so that i can go ha ha

Buffalo Gal said...
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Buffalo Gal said...

you have to go aubrey!! are you out of school by then?

Christopher said...

Sooooooo I've been telling myself for the past month or two, "Chris, you have to start running and stuff! And dont eat the new bag of cadbury chocolates you just bought! And dont eat that muffin, or Taco Bell!" buuuuut needless to say I am a Yegge at heart and have failed so far. Luckily I can't have babies :D

BigSis LilSis said...

Great job! You always look good though, pregnant or not :)
We hope to seen you when you guys are in Cali next and our new little addition should be here by then!

Anonymous said...

no i dont finish school till next january but i can take a 14 day leave of absence and i think i am gunna have to do that....i mean capitola wont be with same with out me ha ha...i pretty much complete the fam now jk