"i'm a picker,i'm a grinner,i'm a lover and i'm a sinner,i play my music in the sun..."



here comes the sun...

i SUCK at blogging.
i really don't know what i was thinking...
2 jobs,
3 kids,
dinners to make,
laundry to do,
trying to get in shape before summer...
and now BLOG!
well the sun is coming
{it's like our "winter" time for normal states}
we stay inside a lot
if you will...
so for these past couple months i have been outside a lot with my kiddos.
enjoying the weather while it lasts...
keeping my doors and windows open and letting the nice breeze
blow through the house,
laying on the soft fluffy grass,
listening to the birds chirp...
while my kids frolic in the sprinklers...
because before you can say:
"nose bleed"
{the dry/heat combo has that effect on some)
"it's so hot you can boil an egg on the ground"
{its been done}
"hot pipes"
{the pipes in the ground get so hot, that even if you try to take
a cool shower...you get a warm one...yuck}
"scorpions" or "black widows"
{two creatures that love the heat...awesome...}
yes, yes
before you can say allll of that
summer will be here,
no more open doors or windows,
the blinds go down,
the electricity bill goes up, up and up!
the grass turns into sharp razor blades,
the birds stop chirping,
the kids go stir crazy,
and we all get really white
{you DON'T lay out in the summer here}
so maybe i will blog more then ;}
*buffalo gal*


Michelle said...

enjoy the lovely weather! I am certainly trying to enjoy the warm days before it gets too hot here! Of course, it's supposed to rain here tomorrow...

Carolyn said...


with springtime anxiety...its almost hard to enjoy it.

mrs. s. said...

And it will get hot just in time for me to be home with baby...and cooped up. Ah, lovely Arizona!

Stephanie said...

i love this, Lees -- like a sweet life/weather poem... inspiring you to enjoy the world outside...while we still can! :)