"i'm a picker,i'm a grinner,i'm a lover and i'm a sinner,i play my music in the sun..."



bed bugs...

my little
bed bugs
it is so amazing to me,
how two tiny little bodies,
can take up a whole king size bed!
this is what i slept with last night...
i was on the edge of the bed
all night...
so sweet...
i'm sore today.
on my right side ;}


decorating on a REAL budget.....

my very creative, talented, sister
{well i have two}
but my older sister,
{the one mentioned here}
once told me
"buy what you like, and it will all come together"
of course this can ring true to many things, such as:
decorating your home.
when these wise words were spoken to me,
it was when, my husband and i bought our first house,
and we had noooo $ left for furniture!
and like every woman and mother,
"we" don't feel complete unless our home feels complete.
so i turned to my trusty
thrift stores!
of course
it was already a weekend ritual for my husband and i
but with a "new" home
i felt weird about putting a bunch of old, used stuff in it...
like the saying goes
"one man's junk is another man's treasure!"
and boy do i have a lot of
"another man's treasures"
in my home!
in fact every piece of furniture
{except for our beds...i had to draw the line somewhere!}
is from a thrift store,
and when i am looking to buy,
and feel a little iffy
i hear my sisters words,
"buuyyy whhaaat youuu like...aaannd it wiiilll allll coomme together.."

and i'm not oblivious to the fact that some people have probably walked
into my home and thought
"ah...ya! of course it's all used stuff!...it looks like it!"
but for me
its home
and it feels complete.
{well almost...but more and more every day}
on that note!
here is my master bathroom so far...
on a REAL budget.
*note-inspiration pictures always help. see mine below.

{click on picture to read and get a closer lookie ;}

*my inspiration pic*
{my subway tile still to come...but for now...not in my budget ;}
*and i do have to say,
there is such a rush when you find the perfect piece,
and you don't feel like throwing up after, because you only spent $10 on it!!
come back!
i will go room by room in my house
and break it all down for ya!
{just wait until you see my living room for under $400!!!}

*buffalo gal*


new years resolution{S}...

ok so.
i kind of hate making them.
but i always do.
and by about mid january,
{or so}
i have already broken them,
given up,
or justified to myself why they were "un-realistic resolutions" to begin with!

sooo for
i'm going to try to only make
"probably would do it anyway..."
and i think that by sharing
with all of you
{who ever you all are...if there is anyone reading...and if you even care ;}
i will be somewhat
"held accountable"
for following through with them.
{at least for a few months longer than normal}


#1. finish all un-finished projects!
*my half way painted stair well.
*my half way painted baseboards
*my half way finished window casings
*my half way finished bathroom
*my "pre-maturely" ripped up, future, craft room...

#2. learn to sew...better

#3. learn how to re-upholster already!
so i can stop buying things
and saying,
"i can just re-upholster it!"
and instead
store it in my garage with all of my other
"i can just re-upholster it!" projects...

#4. learn how to bake a pie
but not just any pie,
the kind of pie my grandma used to make...
black berry,
boysen berry,
{or what ever!}
with the

#5. {and this is the last one because i am starting to get anxiety ;}
learn how to whistle.
really LOUD!
so that instead of being the
mom on the block...
i can just whistle my kids back home.
{hopefully that does the trick...otherwise i will be forced to yell...or get a megaphone...sorry neighbors ;}

*and yeees, i do have more serious ones.
but i will keep those to myself ;}

what's your new years resolutions?

*buffalo gal*


goodwill...you know i love you...

you were there for me in my teens,
when my mom gave me "x" amount of $ to buy school clothes at the beginning of the school year,
and it had to last until the END of the school year

you were there for me in my college years,
when shopping at thrift stores, finally became "cool" and going to find the perfect pair of worn,faded jeans, with holes in all the right spots...

you were there for me when i moved out on my own,
and i had a WHOLE 600sq ft. apt to decorate with about $300 in my bank account...

you were there for me when i moved in with my husband,
to our new 3600sq ft. house and ALL my furniture from my crammed apt, now only took up half a room...

you were there for me for all of the,
party planning,
baby showers,
wedding decorating,
baby clothes,
couches {still trying to quit that addiction...i kind of like to collect them ;}
chairs {one more addiction}
mirrors {ok FINE that one too!}
and jewelry,
that you have made available for my finding.....


do you remember,
that allll of your "merchandise" is free?
it's given to you.
so whyyyyyyyyy
are you so expensive now?

did you know that,
i can get
a BRAND NEW dress at forever21 for like $3{new. on clearance}, instead of your $6.99 faded one{used. full price}...?

did you know that you,
don't have "antique furniture" therefore it shouldn't cost $150 for a dining room table, with wobbly legs, a missing leaf, and no chairs...?

did you know that you,
have been cheating on me by "sifting" through your donations and putting all of the "better quality" stuff on an "ebay type" website, to make more $ off of your free inventory...?

{how daaare youuu}

did you know that,
i am really annoyed by all of this...?

i have no other choice than to,
find a new thrift store to shop at, and love...

*your ex-shopper*

p.s.-by the way, i will still take advantage of your "%50 off color days"...and %50 off saturdays...but that's it!

p.p.s-i'm mad...but if you change your ways, i just might...! change my mind...now i'm done.

"i'm not bitter. i'm not bitter"


"Christmas Blog Card"....

*Merry Christmas*

instead of sending out a card
{i've made several attempts, but have now run out of time}
i have made a blog card
{i know it's lame and cheesy...but oh well}
i hope you all understand ;}

but look at it this way...
now you can look at us allll year long!


{click "card" to read}


dear sweet friend....

dear sweet friend
first of all, thank you for your thoughtfulness...
and thank you for knowing me so well.
i love my christmas gift!
*organic soap...smells so yummy...
*soap dish
*vintage bracelet!
luuuv it!
you are so awesome!


don't worry....be happy

10 ways
to make you and the people around you happier
{especially around the holidays}

1. when you drive somewhere today let 5 cars in, and remeber to wave when someone does the same for you.

2. smile at a mom shopping with her kids
{we often get "other looks"...smiles are always nice ;}

3. compliment 10 people
{and try to make them sincere and authentic}

4. try not to make one negative remark...about anything or anyone.

5. instead of getting road rage, because someone took the parking spot you were waiting for...sing a song!
{"bootie-lishious" by beyonce always perks me up...i have no idea why??}

6. if you have a cart full of stuff in the check out line, let the person with 2 things behind you go first.

7. try to laugh about something that would normally make you mad.

8. write a nice note to your husband, wife, sister, friend. let them know you love them and are thinking of them.

9. hold the door open for someone.

10. try to smile alllll day.
*and a bonus, say "MERRY CHRISTMAS!"
{none of this "happy holidays" stuff}
i know im sooo not "PC"


the perfect tease...

{click the picture}

of course we all luuuuv having full sexy hair.
but, there is a very thin line...
{well...a pretty thick line, actually}
as to what is,
the right way to tease your hair
the wrong way!

first off:
we have to ask ourselves,
"self...why do i want to have big, beautiful, sexy hair?"
and if our true self could say something back,
it would say,
"self...so that every man, woman, and child will be jealous of my geeeorgous locks!"

but reeeeally...

all our men want is to be able to run their fingers through it,
with out it getting stuck halfway down,
or eaten alive, by the rat living your nest!


our children don't care if your hair is perfectly coiffed into place,
when your cheering at them from the sidelines of their
soccer game.


"us" other women...are only thinking how you,
forgot to cover up the patch of mangled hair on the back
of your head...


enjoy the loving head rubs from your man,
and avoid embarrassing your kid with a blown over "comb over" when it gets a little too windy at the game,
and really give "us" other women something
to be jealous of ;}


just keepin it real.
*buffalo gal*


"goodwill hunting"....

no. not like the movie.
but like actual "goodwill hunting"
i have a few little tid bits of info for my fellow "thrifty friends"...
if you didn't already know...
every other Saturday is 50% off day.
*every day there is a "color" and that color is 50% off.
*every week there is a week# and that too is 50% off
{for example: it will say on tag "week 42"}
*sunday is student discount day, 20% off
*also bring a bag of stuff in every time you shop
{you know you have crap lying around that you neeed to get rid of}
and get an additional 20% off!!
*annnnd every day is "senior citizen" discount, 20% off
{so bring an old person with ya ;}
these are all important to know because,
{is it just me, or are they}
jacking up their prices??
on that note!
look at the stuff i got today!
{all purchased by using my above tips}

the goods:
-two vintage tailoring ironing boards
{for all of that tailoring i do ;}
-a skirt
-a belt
-a wood vase
-tons of awesome blue wool fabric
-an umbrella
-a ceramic jewelry dish
{or what ever you want dish}
-off white blanket with matching sham
{will make into shower curtain?}
-vintage fabric
-Martha Stewart Christmas books
and of course
-a vintage book...

annnnd i only spent $30


the whale...

my $3 find.
it's kinda awesome.
i kinda love it.
{don't know where to put it...}

mirror mirror on the wall....

"who's the fairest of them all?"


marlee played dress up in my closet...

and loooooved looking at herself in the mirror...my velcro rollers, as bracelets...
can i just point out that belly!
{i love her! }


short hair styles...

okay mid-length girls...
i haven't forgotten about you.
one of my good friends has requested a tip!
so here is one for all of you,
{a.k.a-mid-length hair ;}
{click the pic to see up close}

style #1
"good bell"
1. with your 1'' to 1-1/2'' curling iron do the wave curls {follow steps here}.
2. when you get to the top section, switch to a bigger barrel.
*this will soften the curls on top, making the bottom
curls hold tighter throughout the night,
keeping that "bell" look.
3. flip head back and forth a couple of times. on the last flip,
{when your upside down}
give it a quick spray with your trusty hairspray.
flip you head back up,
and use your fingers to move hair into place.
4. spray with shine spray.
5. spray with hairspray...{a lot!}
style #2
"oh kelly..."
1. do step 1. on "the good bell" style.
2. skip step 2. on "the good bell" style.
3. when your done curling, do your "head banger" move.
4. spray with hair spray.
5. grab desired front pieces, and lightly
{and i said "lightly"}
twist back and pin in place with a couple of handy dandy
bobby pins
*i lift up the hair, just above where i am pinning,
then i "X" criss cross my pins.
{this gives it a really good hold}
lay hair back over to cover up the "X"
6. then spraaaayyyy away!
style #3
"can somebody slap her! she is too pretty"
{that would be you...after you do your hair like this ;}
1. follow style #2's instructions 1-4....
2. grab an elastic hair band {one that matches your hair color}
3. pull hair into a,
*i like to put mine off to the side just a little bit
so i can see it from the front.
4. lightly pull curls into a bun around the ponytail
*letting some curls fall out
if they want to.
5. and start pinning!...{try to keep the pins under the bun}
*pin until it feels secure!
*no one wants to talk to a robot at the party
{you know...when you feel like it's gunna fall out so you try not to move your head...a robot!}
normally i can't bust out a "tip" this fast
{those pictures take a lot of work, believe it or not}
my sweet friend needs it for her christmas party on friday!
{have fun! ;}


all i want for christmas...

"is my two front teeth!"
hurry already!
were dying here...
i'm not getting any sleep.
my mom's not getting any sleep.
and snot is soooo



who needs toys!

Marlee talked and talked away...

{for it seemed like hours}

*so happy.

*so sweet.

*so cheep!

who needs toys!

{and she wore that "one" sock all day}

i luuuuv these thighs!

how to do "the wave"....

{click the picture to get a bigger view}
here it goes!
1. first off, let me explain the curling iron...my personal favorite curling iron is
{i got mine 10 years ago in beauty school and they have lasted me ever since!}
get one with a temperature dial, that way you can adjust the heat yourself.
every one's hair needs different heat,
*fine, dry hair-medium heat
*thick hair-high heat
*fine, soft/limp hair-high heat
*normal hair {curls easily}-med to high heat
*also, know that the size of the barrel does matter!
if you get a big barrel {2 inches} you will get bigger waves, but they usually
don't last as long, unless you take really small sections.
if you get a medium barrel {1-1/4 to 1-1/2 inch} your waves will be a little
tighter, but they will loosen up.
2. section your hair off just like the blow dry sectioning {step.6}. starting at the bottom section,
*grab about a 2 inch section of hair from that.
*open the curling iron barrel.
*take hair and wrap it around the barrel {keeping barrel open}
*wrap away from your face!
{your hair will naturally twist while wrapping.
this is what gives it "the wave" look.}
*don't force the twisting though! this will make it look like a dread lock curl
{but that kind of looks cool too ;}
*finally, clamp the curling iron shut, once you have wrapped
the whole section up to the ends.
*repeat this technique in two inch sections, all over your head.
note: it doesn't need to be perfect.
4. spray with hairspray.
3. when your done shake your head back and forth, and upside down,
{do this pretty hard}
5. spray with hairspray again.
6. spray with shine spray.
note: if it's too tight, pull it all back in a twisted bun. finish getting ready
then take the bun out. this should loosen up the curls,
without ruining them!
good luck!
{please let me know if you have any questions in my "i do say" comment box!!!!}

i can't help myself...more ideas!

i would


therefore i think any





would die,

if she came home to this beeeeutiful bouque

of flowers!

{and not just any flowers...my 2 personal favorites: ranunculus & peonies}

{like always, click on the pic!}

annnnd she sells these adorable soaps!

{this would go perfectly with my whale plaque}

{no-seriously...i have one...that just gave me a bathroom idea!}

i think i am going to throw up with

"clever, cute, business, envy!"



{click the pic to hear!}

and i'm happy to say that,

THIS saturday will not

be boring!


{click on "this" above, to see what i did last saturday! ;}


blow dry 101...

{forgive me for the small text. click on the picture for a bigger version..i'm learning as i go ;}

*click on the colored words for the links!

good luck!

1. wash hair with shampoo only at the roots. when you rinse your hair the
soap will slide through your ends removing any product/dirt.
{if your experiencing product "overload" use a clarifying shampoo}
same instructions apply.
reason being, you don't want to dry out the ends of your hair
over time {causing breakage}. "shampoo through the ends"=dry ends.
{have i made my point? ;}

2. condition your hair {guess...} from mid-shaft down to your dry, little, ends.
the natural oils from your scalp will act as a conditioner for the top
of your head. it will also help get more lift, for the blow dry.
{if you have big hair and don't want lift...condition away!}
*for extra, extra dry hair, towel dry in shower,
then apply conditioner.
then shave your legs.
then rinse with cool water.
{i know-"cold water in the shower! that's crazy"...DO IT!}

3. wrap your hair up in a towel to get most of the water out. the less time you
spend blow drying the moisture out, the better on your hair.
{i usually do my makeup, or put on my lotion, or pick out an outfit}
you get the point...

4. spray some prep or a leave in conditioner. comb hair out with a wide
tooth comb to avoid snagging and breaking your
hair off!
then apply a root lifter or smoothing serum
{depending on the look you want}
again- root lift, at roots...smoothing serum, mid-shaft down.

5. blow dry hair up side down until it's 80% dry. this is still ok for a smoother look,
it keeps hair off the scalp allowing it to flow naturally,
and not look plastered down and stiff.

6. then start sectioning! section hair off into three or so sections. start at the bottom
and work your way up.
remember to point nozzle down the hair shaft, so that hair lays smoothly.
{bump under the section with hot and cold to give extra lift}

7. use regular heat on each section, until your almost done and then go over it with
the cold shot button.
{the cold air will set the style/section}

8. when your done run a teeny tiny bit of gloss over your hair
{emulsify in hands first!}
use a little tiny bit more if you need it ;}

9. back comb a bit, if you need it and lightly spray with finishing spray
{a.k.a hairspray}
click here for my favorite!
{it's the only thing you can really skimp on ;}

10. and were done! please let me know if you have any other questions!

more tips to come!


another gift idea!
remember my sof'ella post?
get this for your "vegan friend"
or perhaps
your "gluten allergy" friend/husband ;}
or your "friend on a diet"
because she:
"swears you can't eat sweets when you diet!"
{you'll show her!}

thursday morning...

dear transformer company-can you make these easier for kids to play with?

thursday morning...
i woke up today at 6:30 am.
to two fighting boys,
and an explosion of a poopy diaper.
{what a mess}...
my loud, scary morning voice coupled with my crazy bed head,
scared the boys back into playing/fighting {what ever!}
i put marlee back in bed,
fingers crossed that she will quietly sing to herself for another half an hour or so...
no luck.
boys are back up in 5,
marlee is not singing, instead she's screaming!
ryder is "starving" travis is "crying" marlee's nose is gushing with snot...
4 bowls of cereal later! {boys}
and a cup of coffee for me,
it's now 7 o'clock.
i look up to see, that my dog chloe
shredded yet anotherrrrr diaper, all over the yard.
{how in the "H" does she keep getting those!}
clean up the diaper.
feed the dog.
come back into the house...
ryder's got the music blaring
{he and marlee are having a "dance party"}
sweet...but made my brain rattle.
travis is innnn the clean laundry that i just put on the couch,
and wants me to transform his transformer
back into a car
{i HATE transformers}
transform the transformer.
turn brain rattling music off.
get ryder off to school.
wipe marlee's nose.third time.
travis is hungry again!
i scramble up some eggs.
clean up the mess.
pick clean laundry up from off the ground.
transform the transformer again.
get another cup of coffee
{today i'm gunna need it ;}
it's only 8:30am...
{how did your morning start?}