"i'm a picker,i'm a grinner,i'm a lover and i'm a sinner,i play my music in the sun..."



happy birthday dad!

Memories with my dad

*listening to {hearing} the ball game in the garage when you were out there working on stuff {for hours}

*this sounds cheesy, buuut standing on your feet while you danced all around!

*lifting me up during the solo guitar part in a rock 'n roll song, and playing "air guitar" on my stomach {until i peed ;}

*being the "cool dad" to my friends and the "hot dad" to my friends

mom's at our school camp-outs in 5th grade.

*playing the guitar at those same camp-outs, and thinking 'wow...he is

sooo good...'

*holding on to your neck under the water at Grandma Edna's

pool...over and over...and over again!

*being thrown across that same pool like a cannon ball! {SO FUN!}

*your really hard laugh, and the face you make when your laughing

*your "pep talks" instead of getting in trouble/spanked

{i hated them at the time, but appreciate them now ;}

*driving up to the cabin and hearing the same stories at the same stops ;}

*you, trying to put my hair in a pony tail for school

{they were so weird looking, but I left them in anyways}

*thinking that you were the coolest dad!!!!

*i love you dad! Happy Birthday!

thanks for:
always being down for a good talk...
making all the babies laugh...
always finding the next adventure...
giving me my "good looks" ;}
loving ALL the grandkids...
for wrestling...
for the guitar...and singing...
for canoe rides..and camping...
for giving me away....
I luuuv you!

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