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how to do "the wave"....

{click the picture to get a bigger view}
here it goes!
1. first off, let me explain the curling iron...my personal favorite curling iron is
{i got mine 10 years ago in beauty school and they have lasted me ever since!}
get one with a temperature dial, that way you can adjust the heat yourself.
every one's hair needs different heat,
*fine, dry hair-medium heat
*thick hair-high heat
*fine, soft/limp hair-high heat
*normal hair {curls easily}-med to high heat
*also, know that the size of the barrel does matter!
if you get a big barrel {2 inches} you will get bigger waves, but they usually
don't last as long, unless you take really small sections.
if you get a medium barrel {1-1/4 to 1-1/2 inch} your waves will be a little
tighter, but they will loosen up.
2. section your hair off just like the blow dry sectioning {step.6}. starting at the bottom section,
*grab about a 2 inch section of hair from that.
*open the curling iron barrel.
*take hair and wrap it around the barrel {keeping barrel open}
*wrap away from your face!
{your hair will naturally twist while wrapping.
this is what gives it "the wave" look.}
*don't force the twisting though! this will make it look like a dread lock curl
{but that kind of looks cool too ;}
*finally, clamp the curling iron shut, once you have wrapped
the whole section up to the ends.
*repeat this technique in two inch sections, all over your head.
note: it doesn't need to be perfect.
4. spray with hairspray.
3. when your done shake your head back and forth, and upside down,
{do this pretty hard}
5. spray with hairspray again.
6. spray with shine spray.
note: if it's too tight, pull it all back in a twisted bun. finish getting ready
then take the bun out. this should loosen up the curls,
without ruining them!
good luck!
{please let me know if you have any questions in my "i do say" comment box!!!!}


Michelle said...

Thanks for the tips! I will have to try it when I am not feeling terribly lazy about my hair!

Buffalo Gal said...

ya! i hear ya! just a little side note: if you do try it, you can usually wear it a few extra days without washing it {gives you more time to be lazy ;}...

stephanie said...

the look is worth the time, I think -- which actually isn't a lot! I'm just lucky that you've taught me in person (by example!).

Brooke said...

I have to be honest-I don't usually read peoples blogs but I totally just read yours multiple times. I love it! I am totally going to try this!! Thank you!

Buffalo Gal said...

thanks Brooke :} did i explain it okay? tell me if you have any specific tips you need...love ya!

Brittany Baird said...

Lisa, I'm lovin all the posts lately you bloggy blogger you. I will try for the 500 millionth time and won't cry this time (hopefully) ;)

Buffalo Gal said...

LOL! well if your mean hairstylist would show you how ALREADY ;}