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decorating on a REAL budget.....

my very creative, talented, sister
{well i have two}
but my older sister,
{the one mentioned here}
once told me
"buy what you like, and it will all come together"
of course this can ring true to many things, such as:
decorating your home.
when these wise words were spoken to me,
it was when, my husband and i bought our first house,
and we had noooo $ left for furniture!
and like every woman and mother,
"we" don't feel complete unless our home feels complete.
so i turned to my trusty
thrift stores!
of course
it was already a weekend ritual for my husband and i
but with a "new" home
i felt weird about putting a bunch of old, used stuff in it...
like the saying goes
"one man's junk is another man's treasure!"
and boy do i have a lot of
"another man's treasures"
in my home!
in fact every piece of furniture
{except for our beds...i had to draw the line somewhere!}
is from a thrift store,
and when i am looking to buy,
and feel a little iffy
i hear my sisters words,
"buuyyy whhaaat youuu like...aaannd it wiiilll allll coomme together.."

and i'm not oblivious to the fact that some people have probably walked
into my home and thought
"ah...ya! of course it's all used stuff!...it looks like it!"
but for me
its home
and it feels complete.
{well almost...but more and more every day}
on that note!
here is my master bathroom so far...
on a REAL budget.
*note-inspiration pictures always help. see mine below.

{click on picture to read and get a closer lookie ;}

*my inspiration pic*
{my subway tile still to come...but for now...not in my budget ;}
*and i do have to say,
there is such a rush when you find the perfect piece,
and you don't feel like throwing up after, because you only spent $10 on it!!
come back!
i will go room by room in my house
and break it all down for ya!
{just wait until you see my living room for under $400!!!}

*buffalo gal*


Hodge Podge said...

I love it. I've been wanting a mirror just like your gold one. You just might be my inspiration picture sometime in the future! Can't wait to see the other rooms.

Buffalo Gal said...

hodge podge,

thank you thank you! i would be flattered! i will get my other room up as soon as possible...i just have to clean it first ;}

Budget Wise Home said...

You are so funny! I loved reading this post and totally saw myself in you. I have so many "another man's treasures" in my home and they look fabulous. Thrift stores are just the best!

Buffalo Gal said...

BW Home,

i know aren't they! well i checked out your blog, and now i know how to get some great "FREE" artwork ;} thanks for stopping by!!

Michelle said...

I love the hydrangea's in the white vase! and the mirrors! annnd everything!

bits o sunshine amy said...

I love it! I sooooo want to do the smaller mirrors and get rid of my big ugly one, but DH doesn't feel the same...why do they care?!