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"goodwill hunting"....

no. not like the movie.
but like actual "goodwill hunting"
i have a few little tid bits of info for my fellow "thrifty friends"...
if you didn't already know...
every other Saturday is 50% off day.
*every day there is a "color" and that color is 50% off.
*every week there is a week# and that too is 50% off
{for example: it will say on tag "week 42"}
*sunday is student discount day, 20% off
*also bring a bag of stuff in every time you shop
{you know you have crap lying around that you neeed to get rid of}
and get an additional 20% off!!
*annnnd every day is "senior citizen" discount, 20% off
{so bring an old person with ya ;}
these are all important to know because,
{is it just me, or are they}
jacking up their prices??
on that note!
look at the stuff i got today!
{all purchased by using my above tips}

the goods:
-two vintage tailoring ironing boards
{for all of that tailoring i do ;}
-a skirt
-a belt
-a wood vase
-tons of awesome blue wool fabric
-an umbrella
-a ceramic jewelry dish
{or what ever you want dish}
-off white blanket with matching sham
{will make into shower curtain?}
-vintage fabric
-Martha Stewart Christmas books
and of course
-a vintage book...

annnnd i only spent $30

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