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short hair styles...

okay mid-length girls...
i haven't forgotten about you.
one of my good friends has requested a tip!
so here is one for all of you,
{a.k.a-mid-length hair ;}
{click the pic to see up close}

style #1
"good bell"
1. with your 1'' to 1-1/2'' curling iron do the wave curls {follow steps here}.
2. when you get to the top section, switch to a bigger barrel.
*this will soften the curls on top, making the bottom
curls hold tighter throughout the night,
keeping that "bell" look.
3. flip head back and forth a couple of times. on the last flip,
{when your upside down}
give it a quick spray with your trusty hairspray.
flip you head back up,
and use your fingers to move hair into place.
4. spray with shine spray.
5. spray with hairspray...{a lot!}
style #2
"oh kelly..."
1. do step 1. on "the good bell" style.
2. skip step 2. on "the good bell" style.
3. when your done curling, do your "head banger" move.
4. spray with hair spray.
5. grab desired front pieces, and lightly
{and i said "lightly"}
twist back and pin in place with a couple of handy dandy
bobby pins
*i lift up the hair, just above where i am pinning,
then i "X" criss cross my pins.
{this gives it a really good hold}
lay hair back over to cover up the "X"
6. then spraaaayyyy away!
style #3
"can somebody slap her! she is too pretty"
{that would be you...after you do your hair like this ;}
1. follow style #2's instructions 1-4....
2. grab an elastic hair band {one that matches your hair color}
3. pull hair into a,
*i like to put mine off to the side just a little bit
so i can see it from the front.
4. lightly pull curls into a bun around the ponytail
*letting some curls fall out
if they want to.
5. and start pinning!...{try to keep the pins under the bun}
*pin until it feels secure!
*no one wants to talk to a robot at the party
{you know...when you feel like it's gunna fall out so you try not to move your head...a robot!}
normally i can't bust out a "tip" this fast
{those pictures take a lot of work, believe it or not}
my sweet friend needs it for her christmas party on friday!
{have fun! ;}


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bits o sunshine amy said...

I love you I love you I love you, for doing ALL that work to come up with some good looks for me! I love it! Thanks friend!