"i'm a picker,i'm a grinner,i'm a lover and i'm a sinner,i play my music in the sun..."



"meet me in st. louis!"

this brings back a lot of memories...

i grew up watching musicals.

most of which were watched at my grandma's house,

with my sisters,

wrapped up in her big, cozy, buffalo blanket

{theee buffalo blanket}

it's too bad that with all of that 'musical watching'

i didn't get any better at singing...

{although i'm not ashamed to bust out into song, voice cracking and all}

this movie,

in particular

reminds me of christmas...

i sure would like to add this to my christmas list...

{husband...if your reading...}

plus, if i have to watch the claymation movie of

"rudolf the red nose reindeer"

one more time...

i miiiight scratch my eyes out!

*good morning*


Hodge Podge said...

I always watched Shirley Temple movies at my grandparent's house.

Buffalo Gal said...

must be a "grandparent thing"
well, it's up to us to keep "old movie watching" alive ;}

Michelle said...

I just watched this for the first time a few weeks ago!

I love it!

Carolyn said...

"why am i such a miss-fit why am i such a nit-whit?....just because my nooooose gloooows, why can't i fi-yet iin!!"

Adam sings this particular line all year round :)

also, Transformers are a bitch.

Alyssa said...

I love this movie and actually bought it on dvd a few years ago and make sure to watch it every christmas. I remember watching it at grandma Yegge's house on those weird giant floppy disks that I have no clue what they are really called.

Buffalo Gal said...

that's so funny that you have the same memories {and i'm sooo much older than you ;} did you love oaklahoma too! that was my favorite.

Alyssa said...

I like all the roger and hammerstein movies but Rach and I watched Sound of Music and the King and I the most when we were younger.