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save your dough!

10 quick ways to save your cash:

*cancel cable {i saved $70 per month}
*cancel the bug guy {i saved $35 per month}
have your husband spray
*shop at fry's..they take all competitors coupons
{saved me $65 on my last visit!}
*turn your COMPUTER off at night {saves $50 per month}
who knew!
*cancel gym membership {i saved $49 per month}
run outside
buy free weights
get a good yoga video
run up and down your stairs
do sit ups
u get the picture ;)
*cook dinner at home {we do...but lets just say $100 per month...but that is on the low side!}
*brew your own coffee {we do...but easily $5 a day...$150 PER month!}
*cancel your hm phone {i saved $25 per month}
we all use our cell anyways
*ok that's only 8 ways but 10 looked better on the title...

my total saving per month=$544!!
that's a lot of dough ;)

any more suggestions??
lets hear them!

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