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blow dry 101...

{forgive me for the small text. click on the picture for a bigger version..i'm learning as i go ;}

*click on the colored words for the links!

good luck!

1. wash hair with shampoo only at the roots. when you rinse your hair the
soap will slide through your ends removing any product/dirt.
{if your experiencing product "overload" use a clarifying shampoo}
same instructions apply.
reason being, you don't want to dry out the ends of your hair
over time {causing breakage}. "shampoo through the ends"=dry ends.
{have i made my point? ;}

2. condition your hair {guess...} from mid-shaft down to your dry, little, ends.
the natural oils from your scalp will act as a conditioner for the top
of your head. it will also help get more lift, for the blow dry.
{if you have big hair and don't want lift...condition away!}
*for extra, extra dry hair, towel dry in shower,
then apply conditioner.
then shave your legs.
then rinse with cool water.
{i know-"cold water in the shower! that's crazy"...DO IT!}

3. wrap your hair up in a towel to get most of the water out. the less time you
spend blow drying the moisture out, the better on your hair.
{i usually do my makeup, or put on my lotion, or pick out an outfit}
you get the point...

4. spray some prep or a leave in conditioner. comb hair out with a wide
tooth comb to avoid snagging and breaking your
hair off!
then apply a root lifter or smoothing serum
{depending on the look you want}
again- root lift, at roots...smoothing serum, mid-shaft down.

5. blow dry hair up side down until it's 80% dry. this is still ok for a smoother look,
it keeps hair off the scalp allowing it to flow naturally,
and not look plastered down and stiff.

6. then start sectioning! section hair off into three or so sections. start at the bottom
and work your way up.
remember to point nozzle down the hair shaft, so that hair lays smoothly.
{bump under the section with hot and cold to give extra lift}

7. use regular heat on each section, until your almost done and then go over it with
the cold shot button.
{the cold air will set the style/section}

8. when your done run a teeny tiny bit of gloss over your hair
{emulsify in hands first!}
use a little tiny bit more if you need it ;}

9. back comb a bit, if you need it and lightly spray with finishing spray
{a.k.a hairspray}
click here for my favorite!
{it's the only thing you can really skimp on ;}

10. and were done! please let me know if you have any other questions!

more tips to come!



Cassidy said...

Oooh Lisa I think this is my favorite post yet! My hair dryer just broke today so it was just in time too :) Thanks for all the great tips!!!

Buffalo Gal said...


good. i'm glad i could help {not like you need it, you are beeeutiful no matter what you do! ;} luv ya!!!!