"i'm a picker,i'm a grinner,i'm a lover and i'm a sinner,i play my music in the sun..."



goodwill...you know i love you...

you were there for me in my teens,
when my mom gave me "x" amount of $ to buy school clothes at the beginning of the school year,
and it had to last until the END of the school year

you were there for me in my college years,
when shopping at thrift stores, finally became "cool" and going to find the perfect pair of worn,faded jeans, with holes in all the right spots...

you were there for me when i moved out on my own,
and i had a WHOLE 600sq ft. apt to decorate with about $300 in my bank account...

you were there for me when i moved in with my husband,
to our new 3600sq ft. house and ALL my furniture from my crammed apt, now only took up half a room...

you were there for me for all of the,
party planning,
baby showers,
wedding decorating,
baby clothes,
couches {still trying to quit that addiction...i kind of like to collect them ;}
chairs {one more addiction}
mirrors {ok FINE that one too!}
and jewelry,
that you have made available for my finding.....


do you remember,
that allll of your "merchandise" is free?
it's given to you.
so whyyyyyyyyy
are you so expensive now?

did you know that,
i can get
a BRAND NEW dress at forever21 for like $3{new. on clearance}, instead of your $6.99 faded one{used. full price}...?

did you know that you,
don't have "antique furniture" therefore it shouldn't cost $150 for a dining room table, with wobbly legs, a missing leaf, and no chairs...?

did you know that you,
have been cheating on me by "sifting" through your donations and putting all of the "better quality" stuff on an "ebay type" website, to make more $ off of your free inventory...?

{how daaare youuu}

did you know that,
i am really annoyed by all of this...?

i have no other choice than to,
find a new thrift store to shop at, and love...

*your ex-shopper*

p.s.-by the way, i will still take advantage of your "%50 off color days"...and %50 off saturdays...but that's it!

p.p.s-i'm mad...but if you change your ways, i just might...! change my mind...now i'm done.

"i'm not bitter. i'm not bitter"

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