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the perfect tease...

{click the picture}

of course we all luuuuv having full sexy hair.
but, there is a very thin line...
{well...a pretty thick line, actually}
as to what is,
the right way to tease your hair
the wrong way!

first off:
we have to ask ourselves,
"self...why do i want to have big, beautiful, sexy hair?"
and if our true self could say something back,
it would say,
"self...so that every man, woman, and child will be jealous of my geeeorgous locks!"

but reeeeally...

all our men want is to be able to run their fingers through it,
with out it getting stuck halfway down,
or eaten alive, by the rat living your nest!


our children don't care if your hair is perfectly coiffed into place,
when your cheering at them from the sidelines of their
soccer game.


"us" other women...are only thinking how you,
forgot to cover up the patch of mangled hair on the back
of your head...


enjoy the loving head rubs from your man,
and avoid embarrassing your kid with a blown over "comb over" when it gets a little too windy at the game,
and really give "us" other women something
to be jealous of ;}


just keepin it real.
*buffalo gal*

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bits o sunshine amy said...

LOL! Thanks for clearing THAT up! :) Love it! How long does it take you to do the picture and the whole post? You are one CRAZY talented woman!