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buyer's block.

for some reason christmas time gives me
"buyers block"
i can't ever think of anything to buy for people.
all year long i find things and think:
"so-in-so would love that"
"i should get this for so-in-so for christmas {but it's march}...naaaa
i'll remember"
"i can just make that!"
and before you know it, it's Dec and you have nothing.
no ideas.
don't remeber what the 'thing' was for 'so-in-so'.
nothings 'made'.

if this sounds like you
{and you know it does}
then here are a few ideas for your,
"buyers block"

if nothing strikes your fancy, then at least i got your
brain flowing?

{click on the pictures to get the goods}

the BEST, and i mean the bhhhest, chocolate covered oreos

for your gardening friend:
some old pots from thrift stores
and a package of seeds
{or a plant ;}
spruce up your dinner time

cutest boxes of chocolates!

sweet jewlery tray
for your friends with really clean houses
{or the ones with messy ones for that matter!}
reusable, expanding, sponges! "soap in a soap box!"

{and i will NOT tell you what song i'm refering too!}

for the moms who have allllll the time in the world
to bake sweet things
for there children
{can you hear the envy in my voice ;}

i'm still looking for some more ideas
so come back.

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Michelle said...

I love that jewelry stand!