"i'm a picker,i'm a grinner,i'm a lover and i'm a sinner,i play my music in the sun..."



thursday morning...

dear transformer company-can you make these easier for kids to play with?

thursday morning...
i woke up today at 6:30 am.
to two fighting boys,
and an explosion of a poopy diaper.
{what a mess}...
my loud, scary morning voice coupled with my crazy bed head,
scared the boys back into playing/fighting {what ever!}
i put marlee back in bed,
fingers crossed that she will quietly sing to herself for another half an hour or so...
no luck.
boys are back up in 5,
marlee is not singing, instead she's screaming!
ryder is "starving" travis is "crying" marlee's nose is gushing with snot...
4 bowls of cereal later! {boys}
and a cup of coffee for me,
it's now 7 o'clock.
i look up to see, that my dog chloe
shredded yet anotherrrrr diaper, all over the yard.
{how in the "H" does she keep getting those!}
clean up the diaper.
feed the dog.
come back into the house...
ryder's got the music blaring
{he and marlee are having a "dance party"}
sweet...but made my brain rattle.
travis is innnn the clean laundry that i just put on the couch,
and wants me to transform his transformer
back into a car
{i HATE transformers}
transform the transformer.
turn brain rattling music off.
get ryder off to school.
wipe marlee's nose.third time.
travis is hungry again!
i scramble up some eggs.
clean up the mess.
pick clean laundry up from off the ground.
transform the transformer again.
get another cup of coffee
{today i'm gunna need it ;}
it's only 8:30am...
{how did your morning start?}


Brother said...

Haha oh Lisa, the joy of having kids...exactly why I will never have any of my own, and vicariously enjoy the experience in small portions with the children of my sisters :D

Buffalo Gal said...

ahhh brother...please don't let this keep you from having children of your own{not my intentions}..plus if you dooo, our kids will be old enough to babysit! but for now, just get good grades, get a good job, make lots of money!