"i'm a picker,i'm a grinner,i'm a lover and i'm a sinner,i play my music in the sun..."



"super woman runner" {wink wink}...

{she looks just like janet jackson...}

for those of you that know me, i am not really a
maybe it's because,
running after my kids {about 5 houses down} makes me winded...
or maybe it's because,
when i do try to "run",
the feeling of throwing up, and being stabbed in my side,
are sooo overwhelming
that i have to stop about 3 minutes into it...
or maybe it's because,
my friends are so shocked at my beet red face,
that they actually, really think i have a horrible sunburn...
{gasps and all ;}
or maybe it's because,
my brother-in-law,
actually laughs out loud when he sees me run,
and pleads with me to tell him my rout so he can take pictures.
{to get a good laugh later}

ya ya ya.
i am not athletic,

with that said.
i went running for the "real" first time,
last week.
yes i had the stabbing cramp,
yes i felt like throwing up,
{but tried sooo hard not to in front of my cute, marathon running friend,
who hadn't even broke a sweat yet, and kept asking me in her calm, un tired,
voice, "are you doing ok?"}
and when i finally finished!
{just short of a mile...}
i wanted to DIE!
{annnnd my neighbor gasped and asked "oh my gosh sweetie, did you get burned??!!"}
just lisa.
the out of shape weak sac, with the beet red face!
and the next day,
i felt like and 80 year old woman...
{the whole day...and the next day...}

i went again.
we started running...
{bypassing my "frisbee golf" playing neighbor's, who would have gotten a kick out of seeing
my uncoordinated, red faced self trying to run...}
and we ran
and ran
{no stabbing cramps}
and ran!
and i ran 2 miles!!
{i know...you were expecting me to say like, "5" or something...}
and today i only felt like a 50 year old woman...
not bad.

soon i will be a
"super woman running fool"

*buffalo gal*


Carolyn said...

This is my favorite ever! You are a weak sac, but you rock for keeping at it. No shame sister!

(the red face will stop eventually ;)

The brother in law said...

You run like "Elaine" dances.

Buffalo Gal said...

haaaa!!! "the brother-in-law comments! luv it...yes. no shame. i have to keep repeating in my head "capitola, capitola" that is the only thing that keeps me goin ;}

Hodge Podge said...

rah, rah, rah! pretty soon you'll just feel like yourself the next day. congrats!

Kera said...

whoo hoo!!