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baby poll!

ok, I officially started my 6th month.

everyone seems to "know" what i am having.

I don't really want to know how or why you think i am having one or the other,

especially if it's followed by:

real person comment: "your totally having a girl!"

me: "oh ya? how can you tell?"

real person comment: "well because with girls you usually get wider in your back side"

me: {a little confused since i was barely 2 months prego at the time with my

second. how could she freakin tell already!?} "huh....interesting..."

i had a boy that pregnancy.

so much for that theory!

any whoo.

take a guess ;}

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*buffalo gal*


Jason said...

Twins because that is huge ; )

Buffalo Gal said...

lol! i hate you ;} your a dork

Christallion said...

Hmmm, lets just hope its a girl; another boy just might drive you crazy...and off a cliff.

Kelly said...

Were do people get there theorys?? There is now way to tell, every pregnancy is SO different I think.
My last pregnancy someone said I was having a girl cause my skin was Bad (NICE) they said girls make us break out! RUDE! But it was boy #3 for me. So I guess I just had zits cause my skin was sucky! :D