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marlee and me

if only there was a way to install a mini video camera into my eyeballs, so that i might capture life's wonderful moments. in fact i'm pretty sure that if there was such an invention, we would have a lot better quality of "reality tv shows" to choose from, that were ACTUALLY reality.

on that note,
today would be a great season premiere into my very own reality...
for starters, it's spring break and travis my second has been sick with a stomach virus, which includes, stomach pains, diarrhea, headache, and lots and lots of whining...so bright and early this morning i woke up to crying coming from the bathroom {my bathroom, that had been freshly cleaned just the day before, might i add} i stumble in to see travis, sad, on the toilet. he had pooped in his pants and was upset...poor guy...but he had also missed, and pooped on the clean floor and toilet seat...awesome. we clean him up and get him clean clothes.

next, we go to the community pool.
it was all fun and splashing {travis not so much} after all it is spring break, so i try to do something fun...after about...i think...350 "mommy...mommy...mommy...mommy" 's at the pool which eventually turned to complaining it was "too cold", we pack up and leave. that was fun...

back to the house. nothing to eat. i have an idea! chick-fil-a! they can eat, they can play, they can get tired ;} so off we go.
we get to chick-fil-a, order, get seated, and bam! marlee smacks her lip and starts screaming AT the top of her tiny little lungs, in a chick-fil-a full of people, staring right at me {i hate that...} i know she is a little tired, so it was hurt/tired tears at this point. i finally get her settled down. we start to eat, i take one bite of my sandwich {which now i am sooooo hungry i'm shaking, because of the little baby in my tummy} when all of the sudden marlee throws up allll over. well isn't this nice...i manage to clean her up incognito {just a little trick us moms pick up along the way, aren't we so cool and lucky}. i finally, shaking still from hunger, get to take another bite of my glorious sandwich, when marlee {because now she is mad she is in only diapers} throws her cup of water, which spills all over MY food...it took a lot...i mean a lot...of will power to not start screaming and crying and throwing everything off the table in front of me out of frustration...........i salvage what's left of my soggy sandwich and try to eat, regardless of the fact that i still had a little throw up on my finger, because i am sooooo hungry, i don't even care...i got one more bite in when marlee made it impossible to keep the "starers" from staring...we packed up our lunch and left.
..she fell asleep in the car about 30 seconds later
{poor baby... i wasn't mad anymore...just hungry}

when we get home i manage to get everyone down for a nap. hallelujah! i'm pretty sure the boys went down, because they truly felt sorry for me.
i work.
{on my other job, that i do from home}
two hours later they are up.

marlee....sweet little marlee, poops. it looks like a doosey. because i'm so tired i decide to change her right on the coffee table in front of me {you know, to "save" time, plus i have never used a changing table in my whole motherly life, but the coffee table was the first;} as soon as i lay her down, SPLAT! it comes out from all angles! frothy, yellow, watery, poop...i busted up into a crazy laugh...we all started laughing, and gagging, and laughing, and gagging, marlee crying...which i don't blame her, it had smooshed clear up her back and into her hair. i get her to the bathroom, without dripping any on the floor
{another fun trick, up my sleeve}
get her cleaned up {still gagging}...so much for "saving time"
i couldn't be mad. she was so sweet. she let me clean her up without a fight, and after that she sweetly talked to her "my little ponies" in the bath, and taught them to "swim" {just like we did earlier today with marlee in the pool} "kick, kick pony!...swim! good dob!" {in marlee's words ;}

i hope the mommy universe is better to me tomorrow, then again my husband will be home to help...you see he works 3/24 hour shifts a week, and today was one of them...these days usually suck ;}

tonight i will watch them sleep peacefully, and forget about how hard today was.

and that's a wrap! "the REAL desperate housewife/mommy that works two jobs from home at 30+ hours a week, and is literally with her kids every waking moment" will be back ;}

have a fun weekend!

*buffalo gal*


Christallion said...

Can you install a little check box for "scary" and possibly one for "HELL"? Sheesh, I most definitely would have thrown everything off of the dinner table and left.

Erica said...

I commend you for even leaving the house! Those days do suck, tomorrow will be better!!

teamBoo said...

I am so linking this. what a classic mom day! you're a trooper sister...

Kelly said...

Wow! I hate those Days! But I think your's wins the cake!

Hope you have a better week!
And wow, you work 2 jobs from home. Amazing!

Buffalo Gal said...

Kelly! i keep meaning to e-mail you back! as you can see i have my hands full, and with the pregnancy i've cut back my hours for now...so would you take a rain check for hair until after baby? i will take new clients then ;}