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bedroom makeover...step#1

my bedroom has been the same for 4 years!

that is the longest any room of mine has ever been the same...

it's time for a change...and some color!

i just sold my entire bedroom set, so i am literally starting from scratch.

{as soon as i am finished i will have before and after pictures ;}

my color scheme inspiration...

{thanks to me sweet friend cassidy, who got me this vase for my birthday. it's from anthropologie} i love this pillow from west elm, but it's a bit out of my price range... i have a headboard similar to this that i just got...

it's much older, so my plan is to re-vamp it ;}

{read about it here} i love the throw in this picture! {especially since it's fuchsia, this will be added to the color scheme} these were the best that i could find so far in my price range... {please let me know which one you like best, #1,#1,#3 or #4??}

well...wish me luck!!


*buffalo gal*


teamBoo said...

i love the second orange rug!

I actually had a present in my closet that i've had in a unwrapped box for you since christmas. That dang Cassidy making your own sisters look bad ;)

Buffalo Gal said...

i like that one too! it was also the least expensive ;} and cassidy is officially one of the "sisiters" she is the BEST!

Erica said...

You could totally DIY that pillow! I like #2 or #3 rug :)

Kelly said...

I like # 1 and # 2.. I love grey! And I love the Vase! Great inspiration!
I spray painted 6 things yesterday! It was fun. Now I need to do my room.

Christallion said...

Since I am such a fashionista, and you therefore value my opinion above all others, I say rug 1 or 2.