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together again...

{previous before and after photo}

i finally finished.
my two previously old, dingy, orange, velvet chairs
are together again.
they are white, and new, and clean!
the foam is new, the buttons and cushions are new, all of the dirt and cat hair
found in the cracks, is no longer there.
{that is the worst part of re-upholstering...you never know what your going to find in the deep,
30 year old cracks of a chair or couch}
i did find a quarter though...
my next project is this beauty
so far, it sucks.
wish me luck ;}
*buffalo gal*


Christallion said...

I hope they stay white and clean and beautiful for as long as possible...you may have to chain your children to the wall.

Our Little Bubble said...

amazing work! those are georg! my bf does a ton of these projects, I'm hoping she rubs off on me someday :)