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kids being kids

maybe it's because our mom let us play with an old water barrel, taking
turns getting inside and rolling each other down a hill in our old back yard...
or letting us jump off the patio roof onto our trampoline
{that's when they first came out...before all of the reported broken bones and such}
or sliding down our old stairs in sleeping bags, slamming into the wall at the bottom to stop ourselves, and laughing hysterically...
or building a fort in the rafters of our 100 degree, garage attic in the middle of the summer...
or perhaps it was because there weren't "DSI's" and "video games"
and big flat screen tv's in our own personal, in home movie theatres
{or maybe it was because we were poor and we just didn't know it}
either way! my point is...
i love seeing my kids and their cousins play...like, REAL play.
with boxes and a hose.
and buckets on their heads!
{the bag was a little iffy...we took that off ;}
last night my sister and i laughed as we watched our children rummage through
our neighbors bulk trash to build a "tree tee-pee" out of all of their tree clippings!
{it was actually pretty awesome...i would have gotten in but i was too big}
it was sweet, and awesome.
kids need to be outside.
they need to use their imagination.
so hide the video games, limit the tv watching,
or pretend like your poor ;} and let our kids be kids!
{at least until summer, if you live in AZ}

*buffalo gal*


teamBoo said...

our garage fort was awesome. thanks for the refresher. remember smashing a giant hole in the wall at the bottom of the stairs and then telling mom it was a stool instead of us just sliding down on boards? we were such little suckers.

Buffalo Gal said...

yes i do remember that hole! how pissed would we be if our kids did that!? probably just as pissed if they got bright blue paint all over the walls and brand new couch...oh wait...that did happen ;} ah kids, they're all suckers!