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crazy hair day

after cooking breakfast this morning and sending ryder off to school,
i had a minute to myself while the other two kids watched a tv show...
right before getting into my shower, my quick 5 minute, all to myself shower,
my kids came running in
{thanks to my freakishly loud pipes in our walls that are a dead give away to running water in my bathroom}
"we wanna take a bath!"
"bubble bath, bubble bath!!!"
they get in the bath.
after the fun "splashing game" i washed them up, dried them off, cleaned up all the water, and got them ready. then i got ready {sort of}
after spending 5 minutes alone, trying to cover the giant zit on my jaw line
{that has been there for a few weeks now, so fun}
i stopped when i heard nothing...
when it's quiet, and there are kids in the house, it's usually not a good sign.
when i came out to see what they were up to, i found a puddle of water on the floor,
my nice hardwood floor.
so i cleaned it up, i was annoyed, but what-ever. what's a little water gunna hurt right?
then....i thought....where did the water come from??
i saw marlee standing by the couch, with a really sweet and kind of odd look
on her face. almost like 'if i smile really extra sweet at my mom, then she won't be too mad' kind of look...
as i got closer to her, i saw on the table behind her my laptop.
my laptop sitting in a puddle of water!!
i opened it
{well first i screamed}
then i opened it...she had also poured water all over the keyboard, then closed it
and finished off the water on the top.
it was a lot of water...as i frantically tried to dry it off as good as i could, marlee screaming in the background because of my crazy scream that scared her,
i realized it was almost time for my other son to go to pre-school! crap!
and then he reminded me it was "crazy hair" day! crap!
blasted school spirit week.
whenever i picture myself really mad {like finding my laptop in a puddle of water} i picture my hair. i picture it standing straight up in every direction, with a little bit of smoke
sizzling off from the ends of it...is that weird? well i do...
so we go out to the salon and i make travis's hair "crazy"
and rushed him to school...
when your day starts off this way, the rest of the day seams to follow along with it.
today was one of those days...
tonight i will lay in bed thinking of ways to be more patient, and calm when it comes to life's little misfortunes......
{i also realized that earlier this morning marlee was upset at me because i had my laptop on my lap and wouldn't let her sit next to me because she kept pushing buttons. so i guess this was her revenge...what a sneaky little thing...}

*buffalo gal*

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