"i'm a picker,i'm a grinner,i'm a lover and i'm a sinner,i play my music in the sun..."



pitty party

i have been so sick the last week!

wish me well and i will be back soon ;}


*buffalo gal*


couch update

slowly but surely the couch is getting finished.

so far i fixed the springs, re-tied them all, and replaced all of the foam and burlap.

{again, all super fun to do with a huge belly in the way}

the best part was when i climbed up onto the couch, which was on the risers,

to stuff the foam and burlap through the springs and wood frame....my friend

actually ran over because she thought the couch was going to come falling down ;}

i'm sure i looked crazy.

i have realized through all of this that you really need lots of upper arm strength

{which i do not have}

it's freakin hard...but fun.

feel free to ask any ?'s if you decide to tackle your own couch!

i can help as much as i know how ;}


*buffalo gal*


bare bones

can you believe this is my couch!?

{couch before hole, here}

it doesn't look very cool anymore...

so this is called "stripping" the furniture.

{which, btw is really hard to do 6 months pregnant}

this part is kind of scary, because it's hard to believe that you can make it look cute again!

but so fun when it's starts to transform into your very own

one of a kind

piece of furniture.

{fingers crossed that i finish in time....i get to make 120+ buttons....fuuun ;}


*buffalo gal*


summer jewelry

these are the cutest summer bracelets!

i wish i could figure out how to make them ;}

i just might have to get myself one...or two...

{or click on each picture and it will take you to the price ;}


*buffalo gal*


little wish list

so mother's day is coming, and i have created a little wish list.

"wish" being the key word here...even if my husband/children did get any of these things

for me, i would have a small heart attack. they are a little out of my price range at the moment.

the jewelry not so much but the dress...yikes!

not to mention i would have to wait at least a year to wear it

{you know, the whole pregnancy/post pregnancy thing}

{dress and bag~anthro, of course}

{lovely jewelry~candystore collective...so cool! check it out}


*buffalo gal*


tufted couch..

i wish i could say that the top picture is my


and the bottom picture is my

"after" photo...

well that is my couch before on top, and my goal is to make it look similar to the bottom one...

right now it is at my upholstery warehouse in pieces.

so hopefully it turns out...i'm scared...

wish me luck!

it probably won't be done for a few weeks, but i will post pictures when it is ;}


*buffalo gal*


style crush

she. has. rad. hair.

and it's official,

she can wear just about anything and pull it off!

plaid with stripes?!

a shimmery bright green dress with shoulder pads?!

a nerdy black flower dress with leather jacket and ankle boots?!

what the what!

{so annoying, yet inspirational at the same time}


*buffalo gal*