"i'm a picker,i'm a grinner,i'm a lover and i'm a sinner,i play my music in the sun..."



be nice to...me!

us women are very hard on ourselves.
and what
is often said out loud,
"i look fat"
{most popular phrase}
"i'm ugly"
{a close second}
there is even more said in our minds!
a friend of mine once called it,
"mind chatter"
and us women do a lot of
"mind chattering"
{i know i do}

a while ago i read in
"consistently replacing negative thoughts with a positive one will alter
your outlook and make you feel happier"

here are the

1.envision you ideal life, then craft an encouraging phrase that makes it sound as if what you desire is already a reality. instead of "i hope tomorrow is better," try "my future is bright"

2. repeat your mantra whenever you start to bad-mouth yourself. "you retrain your brain to focus on the positive, not the negative *study author ann peden says.

3. try adopting one of these sayings, and give yourself a talking-to!

*i am strong and can handle whatever life throws my way.
*everything happens when it's meant to happen.
*i choose to love and appreciate myself.
*i am grateful for the good in my life.
*i can make healthy choices.
*happiness lies before me.
*i forgive my flaws and celebrate my strengths.

i have had this article on my fridge
for about a year now...
i think it's time to start!

my new:
{if you will}
is my poster above...

think of one for you!
*and please share*

buffalo gal*

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