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teamboo readers...

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to explain the lack of posts,
{and many more to...not come??}
my sweet sisters family
needs a lot of prayers from all of you.
her husband is in the hospital
and is looking at a very loooong recovery.
i will leave it up to her to give details
when she is ready.
also baby is on the way in less than a month!
it's a good thing i
{her sister}
am her neighbor ;}
thanks everyone!!
*buffalo gal*


Michelle said...

Poor Adam! I hope he recovers quickly! Carolyn must be so thankful that you live so close to her!

I will be praying!

Buffalo Gal said...

thanks michelle! love ya!

Andrea and Blake said...

Hey Lisa,
it's Andrea "Bird" Powell here, just wondering if there is anything I can do to help out with anything! meals, cleaning, babysitting, laundry... I live about 5 miles from you guys so I'm not far, please let me know. thx


Buffalo Gal said...

thank you so much! i will talk to carolyn to see when she will be home this week. she has been back and forth from the hospital, but if you wanted to bring something that can be re-heated or baked?? that way she could cook it when she needs it. again, thank you so much for offering!! also e-mail me and i will give you my cell :}