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my finds

my 50% off saturday!
*at goodwill of course*
{go here, here, and here to see past finds}
on these particular days i usually like to go alone.
only because i get a little "distracted" if you will.
a little "panicky"
{thinking about what have i already missed}
a little "sweaty"
{rushing in and out of stores}
a little "on edge"
{from people getting in my way!}
nervous, stressed, excited, yet focused.
but on this day i brought along with me my friend.
who i'm sure may never want to go with me again :}
ohhh maybe because i might have:
aired out my sweaty armpits with my car air vents as we rushed off to the next store
haggled with the clerk in line over $2 with about 15 people behind us
tried on old dirty boots
{i guess that's "un-sanitary"??}
frantically rushed through each aisle
knocking over small children
{okay i didn't knock over any children, but did slam the cart into a few shelves...oops}
who knows!
maybe she willll go again?

i have to say though,
my favorite line of the day was when she said;
"and i can help you narrow it down too, before we check out"
which really means;
"your not really going to buy that old, crusty, wood, owl statue that still has bird poop on it! right?"
ha ha ha!
i love her!
she is brutally honest
which is key to goodwill shopping, especially with me, because mixed in with
a bunch of junk makes a nicer piece of junk look really
so on that note "thanks friend for keepin it real" ;}

i got the owl anyways :}

{click pic to see up close and personal}

*buffalo gal*


Erica H said...

So I had to share with you my first experience at Goodwill today! I saw all the great things you found and thought...hmmm...I might be missing something here! So I went on my lunch today and found this super cute dress for only $7, but what I didn't realize was that it was "50% color tags" today so it ended up only being $3.50 (woohoo)!! I think you have converted me :) I found many other cute things, but didn't want to go crazy on my first trip so I just left with the dress, very proud of my find!! Thanks for the tips friend :)

Buffalo Gal said...


thank you for sharing!!! i am sooo glad i have converted you to my world ;} it's fun huh!? especially when you can walk out under $5 and a suprise additional 50% off! {i love it when that happens} keep me posted if you go again!


mrs. s. said...

I totally loooove that you bought the boots, even though they weren't your size!!! That's the Buffalo Gal I know! :)

My Owl Barn said...

Love your loot! That owl is awesome. I guess I should frequent my thrift-store more :)

Buffalo Gal said...

Owl Barn!

I love your blog! thanks for stopping by :}

The Read Family said...

So nice to see someone that shares my same obsession... Goodwill is the best!!