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a moms best friend....

us moms are busy.
were tired.
we don't get to shave our legs as often as we'd like to.
we go days without washing our hair
{or showering...you know you do}
we are constantly doing:
you name it. we do it.
it's no wonder we look tired and wrinkly after about 5 years of this madness!
fellow mothers,
lets not let ourselves go!
*wear tights-if you can't shave
*sprinkle baby powder in your hair-if it's starting to look like it's wet {but it's not ;}
you know what i'm talking about ;}
and for heavens sakes,
*wear a little makeup!
just a little...
this wonderful, magical, mothers best friend
in a jar
is called supernatural.
you can apply it while you
do laundry
heck you can even put it on while you breast feed!!
{i've done it...in a pinch}
so once again
{here is my philosophy plug}
"philosophy! your the bomb!"
get some!
*buffalo gal*


mrs. s. said...

do you know the best places to purchase Philosophy face stuff? I know they have a store...would you just get it online...or...? (That is if your sister didn't work for them...) :) I'm in need of some face stuff soon.

Buffalo Gal said...

mrs. s.
sephora carries it. and i would get it at the store, then you can get the best match for you skin color. your gunna love it!


mrs. s. said...

I have been seriously using AS MUCH as I can of another name brand's product that rhymes with "Mare Potentials" so that I can go get some of this awesomeness!