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Soul Sister...

our sweet girl turned 1
{well a couple weeks ago, i've just know got around to making the video}
boy did that year go by fast!

i swear,
the more kids you have, the faster time fly's by!
{wait....i'm i almost 30 now?....ahhh}

has been such a light and such a blessing to us.
the boys are obsessed with her.
i'm obsessed with her.
and watching this makes me want another one!!!
{i know...i'm crazy....it's just a thought....for now ;}

here is our little
"soul sister"

*i will apologize now for my horrible singing...just push play, you'll see

Soul Sister


buffalo gal

on Vimeo.

{music: "baby your my light" by richard howley and "hey soul sister" by train}


Carolyn said...

awwwwwwwwww. I hate her.

you did SUCH a good job! She is so sweet, I have never seen any of the hospital stuff before....it makes me so excited!!!

Buffalo Gal said...

i know!!!! i love the "quiver lip cry" and the little "turtle neck"....damn it! i DOOOO want another one! hopefully i will get enough of a "fix" with your baby {i can't wait!!!}

Brooke said...

That was so great!! I love seeing your videos! I always tear up :)

Cassidy said...

Soooooo so CUTE!!! I loved the hospital parts...they made me tear up too :)

Buffalo Gal said...

they make me tear up too! i'm makin everybody cry....tear...

mrs. s. said...

That totally made me cry!!! I love it! You can get more fix with mine too...in fact, you'll be surrounded by at least 3 babies to get a fix with! LOL!
That was super awesome.