"i'm a picker,i'm a grinner,i'm a lover and i'm a sinner,i play my music in the sun..."



new pantry!

like most of my projects
{besides them not ever getting finished}
they are usually started on a whim.
not planned.
while unloading the dishwasher, i got the urge to switch
the "cup" cabinet with the "plate" cabinet. and one thing lead to another!
then the mugs had to be switched,
then the junk cabinet had to be cleaned out,
then the tupperware cabinet needed to be thinned out with my
50 lids to my 10 containers!
so by the time i pulled everything out of every
and pantry
my perfectly clean kitchen that i woke up too
{thanks to my wonderful husband ;}
now looked like a tornado had gone through it!
it was a long time comin though...
every time i opened up the cupboards and/or pantry
i immediately wanted to shut it!
the dirty finger prints and foot prints in my pantry
from my "animals for kids"
climbing up the shelves to get the cereal boxes down,
with the dingy,
wall paint inside
{who uses flat wall paint?? sooo unpractical, especially with kids!}
made it look very....
un appetizing
and dingy!
i explain all of that so you can get a clear picture of what it looked like...
{and i forgot to take a "before picture"...sorry, won't happen again! but it was nasty}
i get to work.
*note-had no car, all three kids with me {husband at work}, so we all
stayed in our pajamas, to say the least.
*other note-"cute neighbor" decides to stop by with "cute friend" to show her
my "cute house"...
of course,
house is a mess,
kids are scummy,
i'm scummy,
haven't brushed teeth or hair,
no bra,
left over makeup on...
i answered the door.
and gave a "tour".
she will probably never come back.
poor girl.
needless to say!
12 hours later!
i finished the pantry and put the kitchen back
the way my husband left it...
see for yourself...

total cost: $0
sorry this was so long.

*buffalo gal*


Michelle said...

Your pantry is so cute! I love the color you put in there, and your dishes and stands on the top look so good!

.... In your inspiration photo they have chalkboard paint on the door, and I totally need to have something in my future kitchen to have chalkboard paint.

Hodge Podge said...

I love all your cake plates and milk glass vases. I need to get myself to Goodwill pronto!

Buffalo Gal said...

i know, i love the grocery list on the inside of the door {chalkboard paint} i wish i would have had some of that lying around my garage ;}

hodge podge,
yes! go! where do you live? tennessee right? i'll bet there are some pretty awesome thrift stores there! i would love to go with ya ;} my husband and i always talk about going there some day....well let me know if you go, and what you find ;}

mrs. s. said...

I agree with the need for SOMETHING in my kitchen to have chalkboard paint!