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breakfast in bed....

the boys {hans} brought me breakfast in bed this morning
{after letting me sleep innn}
although not as relaxing as it used to be,
{before kids}
it is better than it used to be!
see for yourself!
me: "wow! thanks guys! your so sweet!'
travis: "ya mom we bwought you mashmallows"
{it was cottage cheese}
me: "oh, yumm"
ryder: "no travis. it's mash potatoes!"
{still the cottage cheese}
me: "well i think it might be cottage cheese"
the boys: "oooohh cottage cheese..."
travis: "i wanna try"
{sticks finger into heap of cottage cheese}
travis: "yuck! i don't wike dat!"
ryder: "i wanna try"
{finger in heap}
ryder: "ya that's yucky"
me: "okay, no more sticking your fingers in my food guys"
{they giggle}
travis: "what's dat black bottle"
ryder: "it's black salt!"
{it was pepper}
travis: beeeelllch!
ryder: buuurrrp!
{then the burping contest began}
ryder talked a little too close with his stinky morning breath.
{did not mix well with my bites of eggs...}
travis kept stealing my beacon.
both of them got there own drinks to bring in, to put on the tray.
{almost spilled them at least 3 times}
travis ate all my strawberries.
T: "what's dat!!!"
R: "honey! bees make honey!"
R: "mom, why did you marry dad? cause he makes you breakfast in bed?"
me: "kind of....because he is thoughtful and sweet, and i love him"
R: "oh! i want breakfast in bed too!"
T: "NO i do!"
R: "well i get to first!"
T: {in a whiny voice} "nooo i want to!!"
{i explained to them that they both will on their birthdays}
and one of them kept farting
so folks!
that is a mother's breakfast in bed!
{but i wouldn't change it for the world :}
NOW i'm off to goodwill ;}
good morning
*buffalo gal*

1 comment:

Carolyn said...

ooh you should have told us...then we could have sent our kids over to drink all your orange juice and take turns crushing your legs ;)

I love when the big kids correct the younger siblings. If Elyott were there, the cottage cheese would have actually been bumpy yogurt instead of mashed potatoes or marshmallows.

cute story :)