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long vs. short....

if you have had long hair for ever,
{like me}
and want a change,
or at least want to see what you would look like with short hair.
then follow these simple steps...

*get a shirt with a tight collar

*tuck your hair in your shirt

*roll head around until desired length

*place hair

*and snap some pics for your hairdresser!

so what do you think...?

should i???

should you???


*buffalo gal*


Cassidy said...

you look beeaauutiful with either short or long hair BUT.....I think i like you with long hair the most :)

Buffalo Gal said...


phew! good, cause i just watched a movie tonight and blake lively was in it with her long, flowing, wavy, hair and i decided i'm not quite ready yet ;} thanks sweet friend! luv ya!

Michelle said...

I always want to chop my hair off as soon as it's grown out!

But then I realize that I still love my long hair and resist. You look BEAUTIFUL either way!

bits o sunshine amy said...

You look like a model in all of the pictures! Love it both ways. I can't imagine you having shorter hair for a long period of time, tho. So maybe that means long hair is best. :)

Erica H said...

DON'T DO IT!! I have regreted it everytime I do it, because then I constantly see women with beautiful long locks and it take FOREVER to grow out!

Buffalo Gal said...


i knowwww...and then i will be the "girl who is turning 30, and cuts alll her hair off!". ok ok, i will do bangs or something ;}



sdazlady said...

I think you look cute, cute, cute in shorter hair. I say do it! No bangs, though! It will always grow out if you don't like it. I agree with Amy...you look like a model in those pics!
-Amy's mom